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Panasonic CF-08 on WinCE5.0 Pro TX1xxx goes WPA2

HABAKUK Page Icon Posted 2017-03-19 7:57 PM
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I have a long story to tell.
I long interesting story about a Toughbook called CF-08, in case anybody knows it - its end of life since years, but quite some units are around used as Wifi Tablets over RDP -extreemly rubust and reliable.

There are two Versions around, that means two different chipset: the TX1 and the latest release TX2.

- TX2 covering WPA2(PSK) featuring a Marvel PCBoard with the Marvel 88W8015(NXA1)
- TX1 NOT covering WPKA2(PSK) featuring a Marvel PCBoard with an SyChip Chipset 6065EBC2HL.1 (1063760440) (we don't know yet wether this Sychip-Chiptzset is covering WPA2 hardwarewise or not for 100% sure!)

Software status:
what we do hold by now are
- the latest official Embedded Controller / ROM Update Flash-Packages *.pkg Files from Panasonic for both chipsets and
- the latest official WinCE5.0 Marvell driver for 88W8015 as *.cap, *.dll and full source. (special thanks to the Marvell gys!)

Our honorable goal is to make the TX1 Unit fully WPA2 compatible by:

Option #1: leaving TX1's Hardware untouched and implementing all necessary drivers isolated from the TX2 flash-package into the TX1 flash pkg file.
(TX1 is not accepting the TX2 flash at all (file corrupted.....)

Option #2: putting the TX2's Marvel board into TX1 and making the same implentation attamept, by installing a whatever selfmade cab-file into the mounted TX1 flash.pkg

I am kindly asking for help on this, as we really struggle on this for at least 60 mindwrecking hours inspecially in reediting the *.pgk packages be putting the RIGHT dll's into a installable CAB file.

thanks for your help

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SwizzleDude Page Icon Posted 2017-03-20 7:55 AM
You might want to ask Stack overflow for help on this, they can probably help you better
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Alt Bass Page Icon Posted 2017-03-20 7:17 PM
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Your way of doing Option #1 is to implement the WPA2 using available hardware functions. To do this you need:
- WPA and WPA2 specifications
- Windows WLAN driver requirements (for it to be used in ZeroConfig)

I have zero experience with both and I cannot even tell if this is possible because I do not know if WPA2 requirements are same as WPA requirements.

Edited by Alt Bass 2017-03-20 7:54 PM
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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2017-03-21 6:30 AM
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Southern California
Not sure why this was posted in News & Editorials . . .

Moved to Hardware Support
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