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How do I install JLime: Linux on HP Jornada 720?

bbj Page Icon Posted 2018-11-05 11:42 PM
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H/PC Newbie

Excuse the category but I did not know where to post, please admins and moderators to correct me.

I have a HP Jornada 720, from 8 years ago and I saw that it is possible to install Linux on it.
I saw this in this video: Jlime: Linux On Your HP Jornada
I know you need a CF card (Compact Flash) and 3 applications to download from the internet.
How is this possible? How do I make a bootable CF card?
I would like to leave me a tutorial to follow step by step.
Many thanks in advance for the answers!

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Dave Wurm Page Icon Posted 2018-11-06 4:49 AM
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United States
There is a Jlime repository hosted by hpcfactor.
However, I am not aware of any step by step instructions for installation.
I guess the repository has everything needed... except instructions.
However, once you have Jlime installed, the repository does have many useful applications for the operating system.

I installed Jlime on my J720/728 by using the program files and instructions at another site.

The link below is to a forum thread about the difficulties of Jlime installation...

As noted in the discussion in that thread, the instructions are somewhat confusing... especially if you are not familiar with Linux.
I was totally new to Linux, when I installed Jlime on my Jornada. But with a little internet research... and trial and error experimenting... I was eventually successful.

However, after going through the trouble of installing Jlime, I was disappointed with the available browsers. Jlime does give you SSH, which might be useful to you (for email and file transfer, through a suitable server). See the following thread regarding SSH.

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