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Opera Mini 5 for PPC2003 runs well on 900c, but steals all keypresses

darkNiGHTS Page Icon Posted 2019-08-29 2:03 PM
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Hey guys. Opera Mini 5 works fantastic - it's a bit surreal that most of the text based web is now accessible with my Mobilepro 900c and at decent load speeds. Confusingly, this version is newer than the Opera Mobile 8.6 - that version is circa 2006, whereas Opera Mini 5 is circa 2009. See attached photo - I just loaded BBC because that was an Opera default bookmark. I also loaded up ArsTechnica and it worked for reading articles. It doesn't have the HTTPS errors other old browsers have because it's going through Opera's servers. The bad news is this means that Opera can stop support of this at any time... At least Opera Mini exists for Android and probably uses the same servers, meaning its life should be pretty long.

The biggest issue is it appears to steal all keypresses. Alt-tab does nothing. I even pressed the app launching buttons on top of the keyboard, such as the calculator that work fine when Opera is not running, and they do not open - confirmed by closing Opera and the apps are not running in the background. Windows button does nothing.

Also, it goes on top of (almost) everything. When I first ran it, I didn't have the start menu on autohide so Opera appeared to be behind the taskbar (using the full 240px height because it's for PPC). But I couldn't click anything on the taskbar even though it was visually on top - when I clicked any part of the taskbar. I can still click dialogs that ask me if I want to use my cards on battery power.

I can at least exit the software, because it has a menu item for it. But I'd love to be able to switch back and forth between it and TextMaker.

Any WinCE pros have any ideas how to address this issue? I'm a bit of a newb, my 900c is my first HHPC device. My guess is that some utility could force Opera Mini to run at 240px minus the start menu height, so theoretically it should accept the clicks to the start menu. With all button presses being stolen, I'm guessing that eliminates some sort of 3rd party task switcher as the solution, because it probably couldn't be brought up.

Thanks for any ideas in solving this.


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