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Palm apps on HPC

ntware Page Icon Posted 2020-08-20 3:47 PM
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I know that this has been mentioned here in the past, but I just revisited StyleTap this week and found out that they are still in business: https://styletap.com/

If you don't know what StyleTap is, it is a PalmOS compatibility layer (kinda like an emulator) that allows you to run PalmOS apps on top of their platform. They have binaries for Android and Windows Mobile. It turns out that the Windows Mobile .cab works great on HPC2000 with redgear! Initially I thought that it would only run static point and click applications, not games. But to my surprise, animated games runs great on my Jornada 720! Most of them run at full speed or near full speed with original 160x160 screen. Speed goes down significantly if you adjust the palm screen to full height using 240x240. I guess the Jornada is not very good at stretching pixels in real time.

The installation is simple, just drop the .cab file on the device and install. It will complain about compatibility issues, but that is fine. Just make sure that you have redgear enabled. After installation, you will get a few errors and your handheld will freeze on a blank screen. I waited for a few minutes to make sure it was frozen, and just soft reset it. After the reset, I was able to open StyleTap, which again alerted me about OS compatibility issues, but after that ran just fine. Installing PalmOS apps is a breeze. Just copy the .prc and .pdb files over to your storage card and double click them. StyleTap launches automatically when you double click on a palm file and installs the app for you.

This has really expanded my software library significantly, as I also collect some PalmOS devices too. I must say that games play even better on the Jornada thanks to its nice color screen and great keyboard. Check these neat screenshots of some of my favorite PalmOS games:

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fantablium Page Icon Posted 2020-08-21 8:00 AM
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That's ace! I also have a few palm's in my collection, thanks for the info will give it a go!
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