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Keyboards for non-English users

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Keyboardinator Page Icon Posted 2020-11-23 7:23 PM
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English is an (almost) perfect keyboard-oriented language, since it has few letters and no diacritics. This means a keyboard with no keys right of "P" (10 keys in the upper letter row) is only slightly inconvenient to English users (or rather not inconvenient at all, provided they do not write C code). This is precisely the keyboard layout common on most of the modern handhelds.
There are, however, other languages, which have more letters. To reach them, people use long and not very mnemonic shortcuts, and strange location of these letters kills the habit of touch-typing, if it ever existed. Even initial EeePCs had 10 keys of normal size and two or three (do not remember exactly) half-sized keys. This was the reason I waited for the 10" model (it worked perfectly, but it is now obsolete more completely than Win CE).
Are there any handheld devices with, say, 13 keys in the upper letter row)? I know Psion NetBook Pro has all the keys I need, and it is a good machine, but mine has certain problems. Moreover, I think of something G-720ish in size.
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