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munchausen Page Icon Posted 2021-03-01 9:56 AM
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United Kingdom
So I *think* 2ConnectU can do the conversion you need. You may need to rename the csv files to txt. Alternatively it can definitely convert XLS 2.1 to/from epoc sheet, and I think you could quite easily batch convert your files to XLS using ssconvert from gnumeric.

ssconvert and nconvert can both convert epoc sheet to CSV, but I don't think they will go the other way.

The nuclear options are to reverse engineer the conversion dlls provided with psiwin, or continue work on the psiconv suite of open source converters, and write our own tools for the conversion. psiconv would probably run on the psion itself under epocemx, or with the psion C standard library. But both are quite a lot of work.
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Jake Page Icon Posted 2021-03-01 5:02 PM
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God, I haven't thought of 2ConnectU in 15 years, I bet. That was a fun app to play with and I have the .sis and manual to boot.

I installed it, and unfortunately, its txt to Data conversion isn't great and you have to convert the txt files one-by-one.

And here's the arcane rub to it all--carriage returns wreak havoc on Data conversions. They're either replaced by tabs or gibberish, and all my databases have hard returns. Right now, I'm forgoing PsiWin altogether, converting HanDBase to .csv, batch renaming the .csv's to .txt, copying those over to Psion and importing them into empty Data files. Super tedious, but at least the conversion is correct, including carriage returns.

I've considered building a Psion macro for this procedure, but all you need is one wrong keystroke, etc to blow it all apart.

But hats off to you for even remembering 2ConnectU. That app just kinda came and went.

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