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Connect HPC to iPhone or Android device?

fwilhelm Page Icon Posted 2021-02-28 2:55 PM
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United States
This may be a silly question, but I wonder if connecting a HPC with an iPhone (or android phone) via Bluetooth or WiFi to share the data connection is feasible.

I did a search on the forums and elsewhere online before posting this question here.

Thanks for any thoughts or tips.
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Jake Page Icon Posted 2021-02-28 3:09 PM
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H/PC Elder

Choking on the stench of ambition in Washington DC
Hello. Yes, tethering is certainly possible--I've done it with my 720 and an Android phone.

The rub is--and it may be tied to your other post about wifi card difficulties--security levels. The J720 can only do security up to WEP, which rules out pretty much every ISP unless you're willing to dumb down security to WEP for your entire network (or use a second connected router that is WEP only).

With a phone, i believe you'd have to do an open connection for tethering, meaning no password, etc, which would obviously be risky in a public place. In your own house, you'd probably be okay.

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