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"Gaming" H-Bomb: Create J720 WeekDayClock

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joval Page Icon Posted 2021-05-18 12:45 PM
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joval - 2021-05-07 5:17 PM

Well, hard to admit it...I was wrong about PIE4 only rendering vbscript. Duh, if I had looked thru the menu bar under tools HBomb clearly shows all 3 choices of scripting... javascript, Jscript, and vbscript! None of these is very advanced given they are early versions, so when I tried rendering later javascript

Naive me! PIE4 only renders VBScript I thought that since H-Bomb showed javascript and Jscript the J720 must render all 3. Not so!! Seems H-Bomb runs on multiple WinCE devices some of which have browsersthat render the other scripts.

So, now wiping more egg off my face for doubting
myself (only vbscript works with J720 PIE4).

So Bill Gates is in the news: Some say all those years of marriage have worn his Hard drive down to a micro-soft floppy disk. Oh, Behave!!! (maybe this should be in the humor thread-- I'm actually sorry the marriage didn't workout--- I just couldn't resist the "Austin Powers level" joke)! Me bad! Hope I don't get banned.


posted from my Jornada 720/Devuan/RasPi "hybrid"

Edited by joval 2021-05-18 1:10 PM
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