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Is the ram llimiting how many apps you can install on the Jornada?

marko Page Icon Posted 2021-06-19 2:52 AM
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H/PC Newbie

United States
I've been installing apps on my Jornada; and I noticed something strange: the slider to pick between storage and program memory does not care about the CF card in the device.

Is this normal? I thought that the Jornada was able to use the CF card space as storage; so you can leave more memory onboard for programs; but it seems that it is not the case.

The device can see the CF card; I have installed some apps but the memory goes lower and lower, to the point where the device is almost full, even if I have a 2 GB CF card. Any clarification would be welcome because I can't figure this out
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ntware Page Icon Posted 2021-06-19 4:25 AM
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H/PC Elite

Florida, US
Some software requires installing a few dlls and other supporting files on the main memory. There are softwares that can be tweaked so that it resides 100% on storage card only. A good way to test that is hard resetting the jornada and then trying to load the software from the card directly. If it doesn’t work, you can revert your backup and start copying some dlls over to the same folder where the executable is installed on the CF and then try again
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