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Easy Devuan J720 install from disk image!!

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skynet Page Icon Posted 2022-09-16 12:58 PM
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H/PC Newbie


I would need a TLS 1.2 capable browser and irDA connection to my Nokia 6230. I have a Jornada 728.

Can I achieve these with a Devuan J720 image?

Now I have JLime linux installed, but the browsers are not TLS 1.2 capable and I can't find any newer browsers in .ipk and I don't think I can build any from source.

I also have Redgear from old times and installed Opera 8.65 but that can't handle TLS 1.2 (irDA is working under Windows of course).

So is it worth creating a Devuan J720 CF card for the above purpose? (I don't want to connect to a rPi. I have one but that's "cheating" in my point of view.)


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stingraze Page Icon Posted 2022-09-17 4:27 AM
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H/PC Vanguard

If the Opera 8.65 doesn’t support TLS 1.2, I believe that there aren’t any browsers for Windows CE that currently supports that standard.

Somebody else may know some more, but many developers have stopped making for Windows CE due to Android / iPhone winning the market etc.

I think there was a thread about OEM makers making browsers, try searching the forum.

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