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Compaq 2010c Battery Rebuild

wdj2005 Page Icon Posted 2021-11-23 10:24 PM
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H/PC Newbie

United Kingdom
Just a note to say that it is perfectly possible to rebuild a battery from these compaq handhelds.

New Heatshrink tubing =
Tagged AF batteries = https://www.batteriesplus.co.uk/acatalog/AF-or-A-Size-NiMH-Battery-1...

You need to use AF battery, as AA is just that little bit too long.

1. Cut open the old pack.
2. Disconnect the batteries.
3. Solder the new batteries together into series.
4. Solder negative terminal.
5. Fold the positive terminal to form enough of a 'bump' that it will compress onto the battery-pack connector.
6. Clamp everything tightly, and shrink the heat shrink onto the pack.
7. It will 'just' fit into the battery compartment

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WallyB110 Page Icon Posted 2021-11-24 12:55 AM
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Factorite (Elite)

United States
I opened mine to find the battery leaking had destroyed the ribbon cables. Only reason I gave up on trying to repairing mine. If the battery acid has not eating away at the ribbon cables that are at the ends of the pack , then you in business. I just rebuilt my Sharp HC-4000 battery pack and it fits AA batteries and so will the CompaQ as long as they are flat tab AA's. That little dimple at the ends of the standard AA style batteries is what makes them too long. ;-)

--Walt B

Thanks for posting this info, good stuff ;-)

Edited by WallyB110 2021-11-24 12:55 AM
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