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"My new One in 01/2022" : NTT DoCoMo SigmarionI in mint condition :)

D_Lightman Page Icon Posted 2022-01-15 12:33 AM
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H/PC Newbie

Today I want to show you the new One in my HPC collection. It was a surprise I ordered from Japan.
But from the beginning......since 2007 I own a SigmarionII (wonderful device). A few years ago its accu died and I only could use it on AC adaptor...
Now and then I tried to get a spare part, but this was difficult in different ways (I can´t read Japanese language on the according
web pages).
But then, after years, last week appeared my ultimate chance to get a "new used" accu for my SigII on e..ay.
A merchant from Japan offered a SigmarionI for a favourable price via "buy now". The device was without any accessories and without information
about the condition of its accu. I checked the offer and clicked "buy now"
The merchant sent it on last monday from Japan to Germany, and within the fastest intercontinental shipping I ever experienced it arrived yesterday at thursday...awesome!
In mind I thougt I would get an used SigI in uncertain condition, which I only bought for its accu. But then, after cutting through the thick cushioning I was
very amazed by a device in mint condition without scratches or any signs of using... I catched an AC adaptor and a 32GB CF-Card with all my "MIPS Stuff" on and started
this shiny little thing. It is a real pleasure you can imagine. The accu seems to be in mint condition too (it loads long and lasts long) and the power of the "MIPS VR4121" CPU
is impressive (DivX Stuff in the CorePlayer up to 252x140 is running with 100%).
You have to imagine, the SigI was made in 1999 nearly 23 years ago. To get a (like) new One today is really something special.

But now I still need a new accu for my SigmarionII...

After about 24h of ownership I have to show some pics of it:

I hope you enjoyed this new old stuff...

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ArchiMark Page Icon Posted 2022-01-15 2:06 AM
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H/PC Sensei

Silicon Valley
Hi D,

Looks like you got a great deal on the Sigmarion !

And it does look like new!

Did not know you could run Windows 11 on it......

Thanks for sharing it and all the photos!

Good luck with find a new accu.....

Enjoy using it!


Edited by ArchiMark 2022-01-15 2:07 AM
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D_Lightman Page Icon Posted 2022-01-15 10:18 AM
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H/PC Newbie

Hi Mark,

thank you.
Yes, was a good and surprising deal with the SigI.

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