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Call for writers and reviewers

C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2022-01-17 9:48 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
It's a new year and against all the odds, our little community is still chuffing away and continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of you, the community.

Back in the earlier years of the site, we used to have a clue writing team in Clinton Fitch and John Ottini, both of whom had a passion for writing and really enjoyed what they did. Over the years as their interests have changed and led them to pastures new. We've had a lot of guest spot authors put pen to paper and come up with editorial and review content. I am still keen to see that tradition continue.

If you have an idea, if you have something you want to talk about or you have something related to our community that you think others would like to know about - and you're interested in writing to a professional standard. Please do get in touch.

There are plenty of HPC devices that we do not have flashback (retrospective) reviews on yet. Plenty of software too that hardly gets a look in because no one is aware of it.

The offer is open to our CE, Symbian and DOS communities as well as for anyone interested in discussing modern ultrabook alternatives such as the recently reviewed GPD MicroPC or Topton L4 .

Editorial, commentary and opinion pieces are also welcome if someone wants to raise something (provided we can all stay friends after reading it).

If you're an aspiring tech writer or journalist, hopefully it could be a useful opportunity to get some publishing credit. Or if you're still in lock down and need something to do, consider your problem solved!
It helps the site out by a attracting casual searchers to the community who might just stick around.

All I ask is that you genuinely consider if you can actually deliver it. If in your heart of hearts you know you don't have the time or interest, it's best not to consume both our time as had happened frequently in the past.

If anyone is interested (at any time), please reply here or PM me with your ideas
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