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Jornada 720 and Kingston Etherx IC: how to configure the network?

marko Page Icon Posted 2022-04-26 5:07 AM
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Factorite (Junior)

United States
Got this card recently, it is a wired LAN pc card, and the 720 recognize it. Although I am clueless about the actual settings in WCE. I tried the linux distribution and went online no problem with that card... Did an update of the system and installed few python packages, but on the CE side I have no idea how to make it work.

There is a panel that show up at one point during the boot, which had the settings for DHCP (what I use) or specific IP; but when I try to use windows explorer it just tell me that there is no response from the connection.
On Linux I know how to move around but with CE I am really lost. Is there any tutorial that show how to set up a LAN card with the J720? It seems to be using the standard CE drivers by default, so the process should be the same for any PC LAN card? Thanks
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2022-04-26 9:46 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
For a wired connection it should be fairly painless, provided there are drivers. We did not have details in the HCL over what the chipset is on the card. It does seem to be a NE2000 card and I have updated the HCD.

The problem is usually that by 1999 standards, modern CPE DHCP servers implement a lot of protocol extensions that legacy CE does not like. Try giving it a manual address and it will probably just start working.
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joval Page Icon Posted 2022-07-04 5:53 PM
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H/PC Sensei

Northern California

From the Jornada 720 start menu==>settings==>control panel==> network==> select NE2000==>try dhcp==> tab to server: fill in router ip.

Eject and re-insert your ethernet card (connected to router with ethernet cable).

open Pocket internet explorer ==>http://frogfind.com for text browsing wikipedia, etc or try google.com==> images for thumbnail images.

Did you get things working??

FYI wired ethernet is 1. Secure connection, therefore the best 2. Fastest speed about 2x than wifi cards, IMO 3.drawback is tethered cable but works great with RaspberryPi 3 or 4 (with static ethernet port ip... fast and secure and runs off cell phone charger battery for many hours, aka "hybrid HPC".

joval via J72(8)/Devuan/WPA_wifi/RasPi4/VNC/Firefox hybrid HPC
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