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TextMaker Freezing On Saving Word Documents + Fix TextMaker 2002 / 2004 Builds 397 & 405

torch Page Icon Posted 2022-08-22 4:01 PM
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I have been doing some tinkering with Textmaker 2002/04 builds 397 and 405 on HPC2000 MIPS for the NEC MobilePro 790 and noticed some bugs with build 405.

Build 397 saves Office 97-XP .doc files beautifully.
Build 405 keeps hanging and freezing the entire device when attempting the same but does not do this when saving .tmd, .pwd, or Word 95/6.0 files.
I was annoyed and at a loss on how to fix it.
Anyway I played with the settings, and did the following:
Extras - > Preferences - > Files
-Uncheck “Create Backup Copies”
-Uncheck “Autosave Document”
-Check “Fast Save”
-Change Default File Format to “MS Word”

Now I’m on the later build and it works perfectly as Build 397.
I just wanted all of you to know if you have an older MIPS device.

I’ll report back and see if my MobilePro 700 CE 2.0 MIPS exhibits the same behavior and if my tweaks fix it!
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