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WebKit Browser for CE - Endorphin [fork]

torch Page Icon Posted 2023-01-13 3:14 AM
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Tonight I was on Github browsing around, and located this project which is a port of a WebKit browser using Qt to Windows CE 8.0 (2013).
Obviously, I have no coding chops, nor am I asking someone to do all of the work, just wanted to share in case it helped someone.
Endorphin web browser

Endorphin is a cross platform web browser built using Qt and WebKit.

This is a fork of the Arora browser. This fork was created by Aaron Dewes.

If you want to contribute, feel free to open an issue or a PR.

Endorphin uses the cmake build system. If you already have Qt 5.14 or newer on your system building is as easy as running the command 'cmake' and then 'make'. For more detailed information see the Building guide.
Endorphin on HMI panel running WEC2013

Edited by torch 2023-01-13 3:17 AM
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