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Palmcom 80286 palmtop, was it ever made?

ArchiMark Page Icon Posted 2023-02-11 10:01 PM
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Silicon Valley
stingraze - 2023-02-11 1:18 AM

Ah... I saw this video below on YouTube after you mentioned about the Pyra taking more than 5 years. I hope the project completes and everyone gets the Pyra.

It's more than 10 years......

Yet, slowly, bit by bit, EV is assembling Pyras and sending them out to the people that pre-ordered....

Jake - 2023-02-11 7:48 AM


Re: the Pyra. Wow, their production problems tower over Planet Computer and fxtec's.


You got that right, Jake! and that's an understatement....

Think last year, one of EV's employees stole a bunch of items for sale, another setback to recover from......

Been one thing after another....

But....I will give EV credit for not giving up and slowly getting the pre-orders out.....not everyone would have the ethics and tenacity to stick with this for so long.

If after fulfilling all the pre-orders, he produces another batch, I'd probably get one.....

We shall see.....

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