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Soft Case for the Sig3?

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ArchiMark Page Icon Posted 2023-10-24 8:29 PM
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thenzero - 2023-10-24 11:52 AM

That's exciting!

I don't know about those cards specifically; the only CF card I've tried is an ambicom wl54-cf. Happy to try and get you up and running when you get your sig back.

Due to the limited space supported by the SD slot (2GB), I typically use the CF slot for storage space and the SDIO port for wifi. I have also found and previously reported that the USB port will also support mass storage but I think it's too slow to be the primary. Sadly I have not yet found a working USB ethernet solution although torch and I have tried several that seemed likely.

Thanks....and thanks for your help....

Think I had a wl54-cf card....will have to look around and see if I still have it....

If I have an issue with wifi, I'll start a new thread, instead of hijacking ol' Jakes thread......

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Jake Page Icon Posted 2023-10-25 2:19 PM
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Prolly be a good idea to start a new thread on cf cards that work with WPa/Aegis. I have an Ambicom wl54-cf as well and could not connect even to WEP; my SSID never showed up, even next to the router.

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