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ANN: hpcBay Posting Rules & Conditions updated

C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2005-10-03 2:41 PM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
The HPC:Factor hpcBay, part of the H/PC Community forums here on the HPC:Factor have been a distinct success, allowing H/PC users to make Trades, Sell items, advertise eBay listings and Request items related to their Handheld PC's.
As the section has been evolving, we have needed to alter the Posting Guidelines for using the hpcBay.

We have made significant changes this evening to the Posting Guidelines specific to this area of the forum, and would like to alert users to the changes - so as to minimise any post removal that may be required in the coming days.

The hpcBay rule changes relate to how best to format your posts on the forum. As before, the hpcBay remains a free resource to all registered forum members.

View: hpcBay Rules
View: hpcBay
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