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Review: Ruksun Expense Force 1.1

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Guest Page Icon Posted 2006-02-26 12:15 PM
Excellent review indeed! I tried Expense Force way back when (who remembers) and liked it a lot. But once I tried Cash Organizer 2000 from Inesoft, there was no going back. Cash Organizer is just as easy to use, but with Cash Reports included in the purchase price, it's like having two applications for the price of one. Cash Reports allows you to drill down and produce a user-defined, criteria-based, report that you can export to a Text (w/tab stop) file, Pocket Excel, or HTML format.

Unfortunately, Inesoft, not unlike other software developer, hasn't had a revision for the HPC platform since 2000 and none are to be expected in the future. But I'll tell you this - even though this software is > 5 yrs' old, it beats the heak of anything else out there when it comes to personal financial software.

One feature that I like a lot is the ability not only capture expenditures by expense category but to project. I've used this feature to capture things like landscapting costs (fence, excavation and ground preparation, trees and shubs, etc.

But, nothing is perfect. There is no budget functionality in Cash Organizer. I export a monthly report to Pocekt Excel and use Cut& Paste to bring in the data into a PlanMaker (SoftMaker Software) budget spreadsheet. Not as good as a budget function, but it works for me.

Cash Organizer can't do split transactions. The newer version for the PPC platform does, but not the HPC2000 version. Not a big deal per se, but a nice feature to have nevertheless. So if you're recoding an invoice that covers part clothing and part food, you can only book it to one expense category.

Have I mentioned that I like Cash Organizer?
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