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FS link: Jornada 728 for $325

takwu Page Icon Posted 2006-02-24 1:18 PM
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H/PC Elder

BC, Canada
First, no it's not my Jornada

There is a seller from Singapore selling Jornada 728s for $325 USD on eBay - currently item 5867469945.

That particular listing is ending soon but it'll be relisted for sure. The seller lists 30 available, so it's possible a lot more are in stock. I posted this because recently there had been some discussion about 728 pricing. I got the impression that a lot of our members think the price was higher.

Well, if you think it's a good deal, go get one. There has been at least one positive feedback on a Jornada 728 from this seller, and many good feedbacks for other items.

PS Don't thank me, thank cmonex for the heads up
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cmonex Page Icon Posted 2006-02-24 1:40 PM
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H/PC Oracle

Budapest, Hungary
well, just to mention, there may be problems with duty and VAT taxes (oh how much i hate customs).

the seller may be cooperative though (to avoid taxes ), i don't know.

Edited by cmonex 2006-02-24 1:40 PM
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wildbill Page Icon Posted 2006-02-24 1:54 PM
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Factorite (Elite)

Waterloo, Ontario Canada
These 728's have been listed 3x now-I think they started at $355.00 and none sold after a week. He dropped them to $350.00 and 1 sold. This is the 3rd week and they are at $325.00. They are "used" units. For those of us that are concerned with "cosmetics" (Maul & myself) I did enquire as to case scratches and was advised that the Seller would try to get me one without too many marks or scratches if I reminded him. Three (3) have sold at $325.00 US. They may very well be a great deal depending on how much they were used.
I paid $323.00 US (including delivery charges)-for my 728 which the Seller assures me was used for only 3 weeks and is truly mint-when it arrives I will confirm its condition. If I didn't win this one I intended to buy 1 of the units from Singapore.
All the best!
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