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chazco Page Icon Posted 2006-03-01 4:36 PM

I need some advice on getting video to play on my Jornada. They;re mostly cartoons, and i've heard they play quite well. At the moment they are all WMV. I tried converting to AVI and filesizes skyrocket. Can anyone suggest:
a) How to convert without this massive size jump?
b) or, if possible, how to play WMV with TCPMP. I have an iPaq if its just a matter of copying files.
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bobbarker Page Icon Posted 2006-03-01 5:56 PM
If you convert the WMV to an AVI with DivX or XviD compression, file sizes are actually quite small with little quallity loss. Just google 'WMV to DivX conversion' and you'll get pleanty of hits.
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