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Sync Palm Desktop to Pocket Outlook?

RLW Page Icon Posted 2006-03-03 2:27 PM

I'm a newbie to the HPC world. I just ordered a Jornada 720 from Overstock.com (by the way, they're about $199 right now, with $39 for a docking station).

I've been using a Palm (in one form or another) for years, and have become accustomed to the Palm Desktop. I also don't particularly care for MS Office/Outlook (I use OpenOffice on my WinXP box). Outlook seems to be a sledgehammer masquerading as a fly swatter...

Is there any way to sync my Palm Desktop to the Pocket Outlook on the Jornada? I really don't want to load up Outlook on my WinXP box.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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ozone Page Icon Posted 2006-03-03 2:31 PM
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Factorite (Junior)

You could try Intellisync, but I'm not entirely sure that will work. But they have a free trial.
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