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Lights Out at Moose Software!

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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2006-06-12 8:42 AM
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Not to get too far off topic, but back in the 80s I bought an Amiga 1000. Paid nearly $3000 for it. Box of 3 1/2 floppies cost me $50 for 10. And there was only one software title available for it that I could find...some type of maniac racing program, an overhead view where you raced and score points, had to contend with cross traffic and pull into a gas station every now and then.

The point was that the program was like $70, but I bought it because if that is all there is...well it seemed worth it. If I had waited for only freebie programs, I would have waited a long time, and never been satisfied.

If you haven't found a program worth buying yet Synth, you probably never will at this point. But that only shows that your interests and mine are in different areas. I have found several that I have paid for because I think they are good, I use them, and I want to support the developers. Which makes me think of a new link....

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