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Page Icon Posted 2018-12-08 12:04 PM
Avatar image of C:Amie
H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Changes for December 2018

- UI: Changed the default font

- SCL: Added Total Downloads and Popularity output fields to the details page
- SCL: Changed the URL rewrite definition to place the ID as the first parameter due to a collision with the "/" in "Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3 for Windows CE 2.00/2.01" causing it to be unloadable
- Core: Upgraded Elara Cache 1.0.13 (2015) > 1.1.2 (2018)

- Core: Upgraded Elara Cache 1.1.2 > 1.1.3
- Core: Added Cache REST API

- Core: Added Forum REST API

- Forum: Re-wrote PD9 forum logon page to use the Elara HttpCookie, adding in Secure mode and SameSite modes to the sites cookie security
- Forum: Cleaned up PD9's non-expiring cookie mess
- Core: All core cookies now issue with Secure mode and SameSite parameters set

- Forum: Cleaned up some of the fixed pixel with font declarations in the PD9 CSS
- Forum: Eradicated all references to spacer.gif in the PD9 source for the UI

- Forum: Added a user self-service screen to the control panel allowing them to close and delete their own account
- Forum: Implemented a badges system visible on the Profile Page
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Page Icon Posted 2019-01-14 2:13 PM
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H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Changes for January 2019

- Core: Migrated Elara from Jet to MS SQL Server
- Core: Upgraded Elara MsSqlDbConn 1.5.4 -> 1.5.8
- Forum: Added LinkedIn field to user profile
- Forum: Added Facebook field to user profile
- Forum: Added Twitter field to user profile
- Forum: Added Skype field to user profile
- Forum: Removed MSN field from user profile
- Forum: Removed AIM field from user profile
- Forum: Updated the layout on the profile editor
- Forum: Removed existing icons from the profile input/output pages
- Forum: Normalised the date input field layout with its description on the profile editor
- H/PC:Update: Fixed incompatible SQL
- DLC: Fixed incompatible SQL
- QLink: Fixed incompatible SQL
- News: Fixed incompatible SQL
- D&S: Fixed incompatible SQL
- D&S: Fixed matrix view which seems to have just not been displaying any results since ???
- SCL: Fixed incompatible SQL
- Directory: Fixed incompatible SQL

- Directory: Added https link support

- Forum: Added Columnist badge
- Forum: Added Autobiographer badge
- Forum: Altered forum message side bar layouts. Removed rank decorations and member number. Added membership level colour coding to +Subscriber users.
- Core: Completed migration of Elara schema and data to MS SQL server
- HCL: Data logic changes in lookup tables

- Forum: Restored personal photo to the user profile page
- Forum: Increased the file upload limits for +Subscribers
- Forum: Improved personal photo and avatar upload UI's
- Forum: Disabled avatar and personal photo via hot-linking
- Forum: Added 'Your PM limit' to the bottom of the PM window
- Forum: Implemented variable PM limit based upon +Subscriber status

- News: Modernised the layout of news comments slightly
- News: Minor code optimisations
- News: Fixed non-working comment deletion button for news moderators

- Forum: Improved layout on the search page, added HTML labels to form elements
- Forum: Made Forum buttons larger
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Page Icon Posted 2019-02-08 5:49 PM
Avatar image of C:Amie
H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Changes for February 2019

- Core: Removed ~1100 lines from the Pegasus Kernel
- Forum: Added REST API for latest posts
- Forum: All entry points for latest posts / latest support posts converted to AJAX/JSON
- Forum: Removed PD9 Meta-Refresh from category-view.asp in favour of the AJAX provider

- HCL: Fixed pre-select on OS selection
- HCL: Minor UI changes
- Core: Removed 100 lines from the Pegasus Kernel
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Page Icon Posted 2019-03-25 11:00 AM
Avatar image of C:Amie
H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Changes for March 2019

- Forum: Added eBay link toolbar button
- Forum: Added eBay link BBS API code
- D&S: Added eBay buyers link to the specs and compare pages and duplicated it at the top and bottom of each page
- D&S: Added the OEM name to the page title
- HCL: Added eBay buyers link to the device details page
- HCL: Added the OEM name to the page title
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Page Icon Posted 2019-04-11 4:15 PM
Avatar image of C:Amie
H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Changes for April 2019

- Forum: Updated Marbl to version 0.9.8
- Forum: Wired in Marbl for eBay to the BBS code and post editor
- HCL: Converted eBay code to use Marbl
- HCL: Updated Marbl to version 0.9.8
- D&S: Converted eBay code to use Marbl
- D&S: Updated Marbl to version 0.9.8

- Forum: Implemented ReCAPTCHA on log-in and registration pages
- Forum: Added 'View Recent Posts by...' link to the forum user profile

- DLC: Fixed bug in the syntax of the W3C date/time format in the sitemap which was causing errors
- DLC: Added canonical URL headers
- Directory: Added rel="nofollow" to all egress links

- Core: Upgraded Elara CdoMapi 1.3.0 -> 1.3.4
- Core: Upgraded Elara MailServerconfig 1.0.0 -> 1.0.2
- Forum: Merged the code for the original 2007 account validation system with the 2013 pre-validation system
- News: Changed the response content type of the main news RSS feed to text/xml to prevent it trying to download as an attachment in Firefox
- News: Main news RSS feed now uses Elara Cache instead of ASP Application object
- Forum: The text labels for the tick box options at the bottom of the post editor will now click to select the tick box
- SCL: Hardened the canonical URL's, reduced the legal character set and moved them into the database so that they do not have to be generated on the fly every page load
- SCL: All visible internal hyperlinks now use the canonical friendly URL's instead of the numeric lookup ID's

- SCL: Added an XML sitemap
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Page Icon Posted 2019-05-04 1:47 PM
Avatar image of C:Amie
H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Changes for May 2019

- HCL: Added an XML sitemap
- Forum: Added administrative shortcut from user profiles to the user manager

- Badges: Added the badge description next to the badges index on the Badges home page https://www.hpcfactor.com/community/badges/

- DLC: Added SEO friendly URL support
- DLC: Updated sitemap URLs
- DLC: Updated canonical URLs
- DLC: Cleaned up version numbering from many download titles

- SCL: Fixed rating submission form
- SCL: Fixed compatibility submission form

- D&S: Added Site Map
- DLC: Deleted legacy site map
- DLC: Added new Site Map
- News: Added Site Map

- DLC: Fixed a crash issue with a request for an out of bounds page in the search results
- Core: Elara MsSqlDbConn 1.5.8 -> 1.5.9
- SCL: Fixed absence of line breaks in description text body field printouts

- SCL: Altered compatibility layout to include the application name

- Census: Fixed crash bug report ( https://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=18594&po... )
- Census: Ported to O-O base class provider
- Census: Re-write the form logic on the forum profile
- Census: Deprecated and removed Census.api

- HCL: HCL v4.5 - now with device/CE version compatibility data views
- HCL: Re-designed compatibility details (HCD) page
- HCL: Added links to D&S for compatible/incompatible devices
- HCL: Added links to the submitter/inserters forum profile
- HCL: Fixed missing Form Factor field
- HCL: Added missing Amazon Germany (DE) referral link in the Marbl plug-in
- HCL: Some tidying of the legacy hcl.api
- Core: Updated Elara CSS Charting

- SCL: The comments system was not working

- Forum: Added password complexity requirement for new registrations

- H/PC:U: More information pop-up windows were displaying the brief summary in the title field
- H/PC:U: Improved UI

- Forum: Added a spoiler tag to the BBS markup

- Reviews: Added new side navigation widget to contain the ratings, buyers resources and forum link data
- Reviews: Added new widget to the hardware reviews back-catalogue
- Forum: Fixed the search page's default response to pressing the enter key from being to display the calendar control to executing a search
- Forum: Implemented a subscribers group

- Forum: Fixed an issue on the online users list where staff who were also in the subscribers group were appearing twice

- Badges: The badges list in the community section now states when the server last re-generated the badge awards
- HCL: Fixed errors in the Submit to the HCL form
- Forum: Fixed an issue where-by member->group assignments were not correctly applying forum access permissions

- Forum: Added additional ref='nofollow' markup to try and discourage bots from non-content forum pages (e.g.the post creator)
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Page Icon Posted 2019-06-05 5:05 PM
Avatar image of C:Amie
H/PC Oracle

Fields End, UK
Changes for June 2019

- News: Corrected bot link issue in the archive section which was allowing bots to follow links through to future dates. Crawlers were attempting to index each future month through until the year 9945.
- News: Year is now preselected in the navigation bar for the current view
- News: Month is now preselected in the navigation bar for the current view
- News: Added canonical URL tags to attempt to clean up the search engine mess
- DLC: Removed site map entries for SCL only downloads
- Forum: Added rel="nofollow" to all thread-skip.asp references

- SCL: Fixed encoding issue in show all apps by developer links
- Reviews: Completed converting Software reviews to use the new side navigation widget
- News: Fixed JSON error reported by Google Search Console

- Forum: Removed HCL EULA Acceptance code
- Forum: Census results on user profiles will only spread over 4 columns
- HCL: Removed all EULA pre-acceptance code
- HCL: Changed the root page from hpchcl.asp to default.asp
- HCL: Removed EULA start page
- DLC: Search results pagination was reporting 1 more item in search results than was actually being returned. For results divisible by 10, this was causing a blank page to be available at the end of the results pagination
- DLC: Improved search results layout, fixed overflow issue

- News: Further improved news comments layout
- News: Added avatar display to news comments

- Forum: Added generic avatar placeholders for users with no defined avatar
- Forum: Adjusted avatar draw logic

- UI: Implemented a viewport selected main navigation, providing a compressed menu drop-down selector for small screen devices
- UI: CSS improvements

- H/PC:Update: [Bug Fix] Some updates were not being presented as being available due to the category failing to draw into the side navigation widget
- Forum: Profile pages for banned users will no longer print to registered users after it was observed that spammers are checking for visibility of profile pages of search engine URL spam accounts before registering new accounts (even though search engines cannot view profile pages)
- Badges: Added default avatar to Badge membership print-out
- Badges: [Bug Fix] "Years service" badges were being incorrectly awarded to people early due to a rounding issue in SQL Server DATEDIFF
- Themes: Added alt tags to image thumbnails
- Forums: Added missing description tags to key pages

- Forums: Updated layout on the forum header to a responsive layout
- Forums: Updated layout of the quick reply box and added a basic toolbar
- Forums: Improved terrible JavaScript code for the forum toolbar (slightly)
- UI: Converted the main sub-navigation bar to use UL/LI and implemented a fix on the mobile version menu so that the sub-navigation is vertical and not horizontal
- UI: CSS improvements

- Forums: [Bug Fix] Invalid password errors were not being shown to users during logon and the logon system was acting as though you had successfully logged-in
- News: Print view. Removed redundant code, CSS, markup, modernised HTML markup version. Eliminated 404ing layout content, added View Port
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