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thinking of buying

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Maul Page Icon Posted 2005-04-04 2:21 AM
Avatar image of Maul
Factorite (Elite)

Reno, NV
ProgramSynthesiser - 2005-04-03 10:03 PM

I took the afternoon to think about this, and I have already given it some thought, Maul. But what I don't like is the fact that you have not done anything of use on this board. If you want to chase me about the internet, bother me by email, but this should be solved OFF the forums. I do not assume much knowledge, all that I want (and other members that are not being as vocal) is for all newbies to search for their questions first (and I mean a comprehensive search) and THEN post to the forum. Is there much of a problem about that?

Rob's question has been asked MANY times before, so I was slightly annoyed. But did I flame him? No. Sarcastic? Yes. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Many newbies have taken my flames the wrong way, like my most famous newts one. It was only meant to be a humorous way to tell you all to search the forums, the support section, and the HCL first. But unfortunately it was taken the wrong way. Do any of my flames have any personal attacks? None except for the last one. My intentions were meant to be vocal, whether it would end up in you all hating me or not. Its reasons are there, I hope that everyone sees them. Will the flamings stop? Why, they already have. Mauls reply is different, as it actually enraged me that I was being chased about the forums by a person who does nothing but taunt me. Is that necessary? No. It just fills up the threads with junk. And it WILL be taken off the forums and solved like it should be.

Maul, I will give you my terms simply. You should either register and help users, or shut up.

We will solve this via email.

Apologies all across the board for all of those without senses of humour who took my replies wrong. I do not mind replying to newbies, but I DO mind replying to repetitive posts. One example would be Andrew with his NEW questions. Good enough for you all? Now leave me alone.

-Ya gotta respect the bad guy

As a matter of fact Program I have assisted another member while being 'unregistered' (http://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=415&start=1), but now I'm official. But you'll notice that in my reply I didn't put down the member for not knowing as much as I did. The reason I'm making a point of this on the forums is because if it just came from me, you'd proably write my suggestions off, but as your beginning to see others agree with me. If your burnt out on newbie questions DON"T answer them. Then its a win-win for everybody. New members aren't alientated by you, and YOU don't make YOURSELF look like a jerk. The fact that you hide behind an excuse as weak as "your not a registered user, so I don't have to listen to you" reflects poorly on you. You undoubtedly are knowledgeable, and know your way around hpcs and their software, but your presentation is seriously lacking. Try being the best of both worlds, knowledgable and patient. If you really care about building a community you'll take this to heart, instead of responding defensively as you already have time and time again. No one's trying to chase you off the forums, we just wan't to see you be more accomodating to new members. Your choice.
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sophisticatedleaf Page Icon Posted 2005-04-04 2:46 AM
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H/PC Elder

Sunny California
Maul, I did ask you to take this off the forums. We are becoming increasingly off-topic here, I just hope there won't be any serious modifications like the freezing of this thead. I did not use you being a guest as an excuse, it was a frontend to the fact that you have hardly helped anyone. I HAVE helped out a lot more than you have, take it or leave it. I already said that I do not have a problem with newbies, I am one for crying out loud. This forum has not seen a year, and my 720 has not seen one with me. I am annoyed by repeated posts, and I am working with the admins on that.

No, I am not burnt-out. I am too young. I hope no one sees that as the reason for my announcement of leaving soon. I have the chance of a lifetime, that is all. Which will cause me to put my energies into other places than the HPC. That is also the reason why I will return.

All differences aside, welcome to the forums. I can only hope that you will be helpful.

I have already apologjzed, and will not again. This is it, anything further will be discussed via PM.

Sorry all admins and moderators for this truly marred thread.

EDIT: Do note that I do care for this forum. Why else would I be here 11:48 at night, writing this?

-Maul, check your inbox.

Edited by ProgramSynthesiser 2005-04-04 2:53 AM
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2005-04-04 11:28 AM
Avatar image of C:Amie
H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom

It does concern me when things get heated between users, but I do think a monent to commend those involved here for not spiraling down into the lowest denominator of forum flaming. I have had PM's from those involved, and accept them at face value.
As has been pointed out, the admin group would insist that personal disagreements be taken into a different medium, such as e-mail or PM for the simple reason that we all have to be here too, and should not be put in to a position where we are forced to take sides either way.

In the same spirit I have made my feelings known to those involved off-forum.

Rixware and others.
We'd really like to hear your ideas and thoughts on improving the site, forum and general content.
There is a thread in the off-topic section which the admins use as a 'tracking' thread on any problems and suggestions for the forum, that can be found here:

If you have any requests for content that you would like to see on the site, you are more than welcome to PM me (or ordinarly email me - but don't at the moment as I haven't access) with your ideas.

Lastly on the point of tweaks. You will find that general OS tweaks will be applicable from one device to the next 99.9% of the time. So if a Windows CE 2.11 registry tweak will work on a MP 780 it will work on a J 680. all CESD documents are 'generic' unless specified in the document title or overview.

Any conversations or replies not relating to the buying suggestions for the original poster, please move somewhere else.
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