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Results found in forum: Reviews
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    Page Icon Review: IBM Workpad z50 (Flashback)3831529Mobileguy 2020-11-19 12:29 AM
Results found in forum: Handheld PC General Discussion
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    Page Icon Why HPCs in 2020?12235joval 2020-11-21 8:15 PM
    Page Icon Are there any Mac users here that have successfully used ActiveSync?18321Shiunbird 2020-11-19 3:31 PM
    Page Icon How to structure folders for Windows CE software archiving11156Karpour 2020-11-18 4:53 PM
Results found in forum: Developers Arena
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    Page Icon Emulator Request372C:Amie 2020-11-22 1:55 PM
    Page Icon wincepeinfo - A tool to get information about Windows CE exe files10186Karpour 2020-11-19 8:15 PM
    Page Icon Emulation of Jornada 720 with MAME137C:Amie 2020-11-18 3:06 PM
Results found in forum: Off Topic
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    Page Icon Keyboards for non-English users07Keyboardinator 2020-11-23 7:23 PM
    Page Icon Help the Internet Archive by watching Computer Chronicles4110Karpour 2020-11-23 10:20 AM
    Page Icon Data Leakage and Apps21356C:Amie 2020-11-22 3:37 PM
    Page Icon Hoi!12177C:Amie 2020-11-20 11:47 AM
    Page Icon Another something HCP-ish: PCBOX Lileo10140stingraze 2020-11-18 1:25 AM
Results found in forum: Hardware Support
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    Page Icon IrDA adaptors4108fantablium 2020-11-22 9:12 AM
Results found in forum: Handheld PC 2000
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    Page Icon What to do with my Mobilepro 9006246hpc12 2020-11-22 7:09 PM
    Page Icon HP Jornada 728 & Exchage Server167C:Amie 2020-11-19 8:43 AM
Results found in forum: Windows CE 5.0
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    Page Icon windows ce 5.0 mini emulator5137C:Amie 2020-11-21 5:43 PM
Results found in forum: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 & 7.0
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    Page Icon Customize Prixton Netbook WINCE 78347CE Geek 2020-11-18 8:45 AM
Results found in forum: H/PC Linux / Unix
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    Page Icon Success: MicroSDCard boots Devuan on Jornada 720253_dev-null 2020-11-23 6:17 PM
    Page Icon Linux Kernel 4.9 and a (not so) happy Jornada 7201836892_dev-null 2020-11-19 7:18 AM
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