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Results found in forum: Handheld PC General Discussion
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    Page Icon Hello from a brand new HPC fan!15210ntware 2020-09-25 1:42 PM
    Page Icon Finally getting my first HP Jornada 680 after over 20 years of wanting one!387hpcboy 2020-09-23 2:50 PM
    Page Icon MIPS VR4XXX vs MIPS R4XXX245ArchiMark 2020-09-23 4:32 AM
    Page Icon Printing a handheld PC17036119robertojones 2020-09-22 11:02 PM
    Page Icon Connecting to a modern linux system using the CE1.0+ terminal emulator11329GaryLee 2020-09-21 3:44 AM
Results found in forum: Developers Arena
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    Page Icon Windows CE 3.0 Technical Documentation Archive017can't remember 2020-09-25 9:14 PM
Results found in forum: HPC:Factor Related Discussion
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    Page Icon On this day...7183wyrm 2020-09-21 10:00 AM
Results found in forum: Off Topic
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    Page Icon Something HPC-ish: MailBug13170GaryLee 2020-09-24 11:57 PM
Results found in forum: hpcBay (For Sale, Trades & Requests)
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    Page Icon [REQ:GLOBAL] Jornada 720/728 English keyboard (or a junk machine with a good keyboard)042hpcboy 2020-09-24 5:28 AM
    Page Icon [FS:GLOBAL] CF cards from 16MB to 32GB2107_dev-null 2020-09-21 10:02 AM
Results found in forum: Hardware Support
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    Page Icon HP 660LX (HP620 LX) and update module ROM (F1793A)068Modelist 2020-09-20 2:58 PM
Results found in forum: Handheld PC Professional
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    Page Icon Getting Bonsai to work in HPC Professional/WinCE 3.0?045hpcboy 2020-09-25 1:20 AM
Results found in forum: Handheld PC 2000
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    Page Icon Jornada 720/8 Born On Date (part 2)5945509kennytaylor661 2020-09-24 7:34 PM
    Page Icon Ethernet cards that work with Jornada 720/728?8238hpcboy 2020-09-24 4:59 AM
Results found in forum: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 & 7.0
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    Page Icon I can't enter my password.139stingraze 2020-09-25 11:25 PM
    Page Icon Knav KN-502WH the GPS.3138JOELwindows7 2020-09-20 10:00 AM
Results found in forum: H/PC Linux / Unix
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    Page Icon Linux Kernel 4.9 and a (not so) happy Jornada 720834393ArchiMark 2020-09-25 7:58 PM
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