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Results found in forum: Handheld PC General Discussion
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    Page Icon What app are you missing the most for your Handheld?590dl1av 2021-10-23 7:51 AM
    Page Icon PocketDOS is awesome!792951andrej2112 2021-10-20 3:37 PM
    Page Icon PIM (contacts and calendar) sync on HP Jornada 720245Jake 2021-10-20 3:28 PM
    Page Icon Printing a handheld PC28443755jamesaaron 2021-10-18 8:41 PM
    Page Icon Can .pvb apps be run on a post-CE 2.0 device?6122CE Geek 2021-10-17 9:36 PM
Results found in forum: Developers Arena
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    Page Icon Common Executable Format4123cgallaty 2021-10-20 3:12 PM
    Page Icon Retro Dev Tools9168C:Amie 2021-10-17 8:16 AM
Results found in forum: Off Topic
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    Page Icon How late do we go on this site?392CE Geek 2021-10-23 1:26 AM
Results found in forum: hpcBay (For Sale, Trades & Requests)
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    Page Icon [REQ:USA] Jornada 720161C:Amie 2021-10-22 10:41 AM
    Page Icon [FREE:GLOBAL] Replacement Stylus for HP Jornada (6xx/7xx)191417jamesaaron 2021-10-19 7:26 AM
Results found in forum: Hardware Support
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    Page Icon Help, updated the ROM on my Jornada 720 and now when I restore my backup, the keyboard does not work246C:Amie 2021-10-23 1:41 PM
    Page Icon Ericsson MC12 Schematic4111andrej2112 2021-10-21 12:55 PM
    Page Icon HP jornada 720 & Nokia d21160766Jake 2021-10-19 6:31 PM
Results found in forum: Windows CE 1.0x
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    Page Icon H/PC Trying, but not connecting.5104cgallaty 2021-10-22 2:29 PM
    Page Icon HP 320LX thoughts...51461WallyB110 2021-10-19 9:36 PM
    Page Icon How to sync8903cgallaty 2021-10-19 3:33 PM
    Page Icon HP320LX Serial Configuration62498cgallaty 2021-10-19 2:33 PM
    Page Icon Questions about compatible batteries for the HP 320LX51940cgallaty 2021-10-19 2:29 PM
Results found in forum: Windows CE 2.0
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    Page Icon How can I sync Windows CE 2.0 with Windows 10?21811cgallaty 2021-10-17 1:26 AM
    Page Icon Disassembly guide for the 360LX/MC16?12183stingraze 2021-10-17 1:12 AM
Results found in forum: Handheld PC Professional
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    Page Icon Japanese Jornada 690 -- interface translation is exist?9468stingraze 2021-10-18 2:58 PM
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