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Specifications: NEC MobileGear II MC-R730F

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NEC MobileGear II MC-R730F - HPC:Factor Device Specifications
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HPC Name:MobileGear II MC-R730F
Device Class:Handheld PC (SubNotebook)
Supported Windows CE Versions:Handheld PC 3.0 Professional (Windows CE 2.11)
Part #:MC/R730F
Availability:Japan (Discontinued)
RRP / MSRP:£690.00 GBP ($862.50 USD, €765.90 EUD, ¥92,460.00 JPY, ¥5,934.00 CNY est.)
Street Price:
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244.86 mm x 187.96 mm x 25.4 mm
9.64 in x 7.40 in x 1.00 in
Weight:1162g (2.56lbs)
CPU Type:
MIPS 4000
Bus Width:32-bit
CPU Clock Speed:168 MHz
Persistent Storage Area (PSA):
Device is not equipped with a Persistent Storage Area
Upgradeable ROM:
Graphics Chip:
Display Type:DSTN
Screen Visual Area:
Screen Dot Pitch:
Screen Resoloution:800 x 600
Super VGA (SVGA)
Colour Depth:65,536 Colours (16-bit)
Touch Screen:
Device is Capable
Keyboard:Standard Japanese
Built-in Pointer:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
External Mouse:
Device is Capable
Other Input:Built in fingerprint identification system. External mouse/keyboard optional via USB port. 10 programmable side-screen launch keys
RS232 Serial:
Device is Capable
Infrared (IrDA):IrDA 1.1 Fast IR (FIR) - 4Mbps
USB Host:
Device is Capable
USB Client:
Device is Not Capable
VGA Connector:
Device is Capable
External VGA Resolution:800 x 600 pixels
Port Replicator:
Device is Not Capable
Additional Ports:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Modem:56.2 Kbps (v.90)
Built-in LAN (Wired Network):
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in WiFi (Wireless Network):
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in BlueTooth:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Cellular:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
CF Slot Type:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
PC Card Slot Type:PCMCIA Type II
Device is Not Capable
MMC Slot:
Device is Not Capable
Built-in Speaker:Monoaural
Headphone Slot:
Device is Capable
Mic Slot:
Device is Capable
Built-in Mic:
Device is Capable
Mains (AC) Rating:Input:    100 to 240V AC; 50/60Hz
Output: 13.5VDC 2.6A
Primary Battery:Lithium Ion 11.1V 1400mAh
Backup Battery:2.4V rechargeable non-user replaceable Lithium Ion
Description:NEC proudly announces the arrival of the Mobilegear II R730F. This device introduces a full size 9.4 inch color liquid crystal with a 65000 colors. An SVGA display unheard of before in a Windows CE machine! This makes surfing the web an exciting experience. Incorporating new options such as a USB interface, expansion possiblitie exist that never existed before. While like a laptop in nature, long lasting battery and portability make this the premier information terminal unlike no other. Instant start, instant display, and instant information - hallmarks of NEC. Like a twin sister of the R730, the R730F adds a built in fingerprint identification system for added security and interfacing capability.
ROM Upgrade Details:None. Unofficially, swapping the rom chip from an R730 is possible, but loss of the fingerprint (FP) identification hardware will result. Using the rom chip from an R550 or Mobilepro 790 will work in updating the system to CE 3.0, but will result in loss of the USB port as well as loss of the FP system
In the box:Mobilegear II R730F
AC adapter
Lithium ion battery
Stylus pen
Serial PC Connect cable
VGA monitor cable
RJ-11 telephone cable
User's Guide
MS Activesync manual
Software in ROM:Windows CE 2.11 HPC Professional
Microsoft Pocket Word
Microsoft Pocket Excel
Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint?
Microsoft Pocket Access
Microsoft Pocket Outlook: Inbox, Contacts, Calendar,Tasks
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
Microsoft InkWriter
Microsoft Remote Networking
Microsoft Visual Basic? Runtime & MFC
Microsoft World Clock
Microsoft Voice Recorder
Microsoft Calculator
Microsoft Solitaire
PC Link
NEC Mobilegear Online Help
MG mail
MG editor
MG personal computer communication
MG voice
MG operational assistant
Kentarou for CE (ver2.5) -
DTONIC daily concise English-Japanese Kazuhide dictionary
JR travel navigator, Flashnavi for Windows CE, ECOT for Mobile Gear and Kodak Picture Shot
ATOK Pocket for Windows CE
Fingerprint certification manager
Kentarou for CE (ver2.5)
Software on CD:ActiveSync3.0 (desktop software for Microsoft (R) Windows (R) in CE CD-ROM bundled)
H/PC:Update:The HPC:Factor Windows Update for Windows CE. Find downloads including ROM updates, drivers, patches and manuals for your Handheld PC in H/PC:Update
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Compatible Software:Discover compatible software in the HPC:Factor Windows CE App Store
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DVD Catalyst:No Test Data
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Last Updated:03 June 2019


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