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Specifications: Viewsonic Viewpad 100

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Viewsonic Viewpad 100 - HPC:Factor Device Specifications
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HPC Name:Viewpad 100
Device Class:Tablet PC (Webpad)
Supported Windows CE Versions:Handheld PC 2000 (Windows CE 3.00)
Part #:
Availability: (Discontinued)
Street Price:
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350 mm x 203 mm x 13 mm
13.78 in x 7.99 in x 0.51 in
Weight:1100g (2.43lbs)
CPU Type:
StrongARM SA1110
Bus Width:32-bit
Instruction Set:ARMv4
CPU Clock Speed:206 MHz
RAM:128 MB
Persistent Storage Area (PSA):
Device is not equipped with a Persistent Storage Area
Upgradeable ROM:Flash ROM
Graphics Chip:Media-Q MQ200 (2MB, 128-bit)
Display Type:Unknown
Screen Visual Area:
Screen Dot Pitch:
Screen Resoloution:800 x 600
Super VGA (SVGA)
Colour Depth:65,536 Colours (16-bit)
Touch Screen:
Device is Capable
Built-in Pointer:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
External Mouse:
Device is Not Capable
Other Input:Jog dial, toggle button, four-way directional,enter, lauch dial
RS232 Serial:
Device is Not Capable
Infrared (IrDA):IrDA 1.0 Serial IR (SIR) - 115.2Kbps
USB Host:
Device is Capable
USB Client:
Device is Capable
VGA Connector:
Device is Not Capable
External VGA Resolution:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Port Replicator:
Device is Not Capable
Additional Ports:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Modem:None
Built-in LAN (Wired Network):
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in WiFi (Wireless Network):
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in BlueTooth:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Cellular:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
CF Slot Type:CF Type I / II
PC Card Slot Type:PCMCIA Type II
Device is Not Capable
MMC Slot:
Device is Not Capable
Built-in Speaker:Monoaural
Headphone Slot:
Device is Capable
Mic Slot:
Device is Capable
Built-in Mic:
Device is Not Capable
Mains (AC) Rating:Input:    90- 264V AC 50/60Hz
Output: 19.5V DC 2.0A 40W
Primary Battery:Rechargeable 1800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Backup Battery:
Description:The innovative ViewPad 100 SuperPDA is a lightweight (just 2.5 pounds), stylish handheld mobile communication and information management product for business professionals. With the Windows CE-powered ViewPad 100 SuperPDA, users can access data from virtually anywhere* — whether you synchronize your important business and personal data while at your desk or connect with network-based applications while remote.

And with the ample 10" full-color touchscreen display, reading glasses become optional. The lightweight ViewPad 100 is durable, expandable and easy to use. If you're looking for a robust, flexible and highly portable platform for business applications, you've found it.
ROM Upgrade Details:
In the box:
Software in ROM:Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
Jeode Java Virtual Machine
Microsoft Pocket Word
Pocket On-Schedule (Microsoft Outlook compatible)
Pocket Inbox
Primer PDF Viewer
PTab Spreadsheet Software (Microsoft Excel compatible)
ClearVue presentation viewer
bSquare Messenger
Citrix ICA Client 6.0
Microsoft RDP 5.0
MP3 Player
Microsoft Media Player
Voice recorder
Software on CD:Microsoft ActiveSync
Display Utility
MBA Calculator
Calligrapher 6.0 handwriting recognition software with virtual keyboard
Task Manager
H/PC:Update:The HPC:Factor Windows Update for Windows CE. Find downloads including ROM updates, drivers, patches and manuals for your Handheld PC in H/PC:Update
11 downloads are available for the Viewpad 100
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DVD Catalyst:No Test Data
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Last Updated:14 March 2009


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