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Specifications: Fourier Nova 5000EX Data Logger

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Fourier Nova 5000EX Data Logger - HPC:Factor Device Specifications
Manufacturer Fourier
( home )
HPC Name Nova 5000EX Data Logger
Device Class Tablet PC (Webpad)
Supported Windows CE Versions Windows CE 5.0
Part # 5000EX
Availability (Discontinued)
Street Price £50.00 GBP ($66.50 USD, €59.00 EUD, ¥7,536.50 JPY, est.)
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237 mm x 186 mm x 43 mm
9.33 in x 7.32 in x 1.69 in
Weight 1090g (2.40lbs)
CPU Type
CPU Clock Speed 624 MHz
RAM 128 MB
Persistent Storage Area (PSA)
Device is not equipped with a Persistent Storage Area
Upgradeable ROM Flash ROM
Graphics Chip
Display Type TFT (Transmissive)
Screen Visual Area 175 mm x 105 mm (6.89 in x 4.13 in)
Diagonal: 204.08 mm (8.03 in)
Screen Dot Pitch
Screen Resoloution 800 x 480
Super VGA Wide
Colour Depth 65,536 Colours (16-bit)
Touch Screen
Device is Capable
Keyboard optional USB keyboard
Built-in Pointer
Device is not equipped with this Technology
External Mouse
Device is Capable
Other Input
Device is not equipped with this Technology
RS232 Serial
Device is Not Capable
Infrared (IrDA)
USB Host
Device is Capable
USB Client
Device is Capable
VGA Connector
Device is Not Capable
External VGA Resolution
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Port Replicator
Device is Not Capable
Additional Ports
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Modem None
Built-in LAN (Wired Network)
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in WiFi (Wireless Network) 802.11b/g
Built-in BlueTooth
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Cellular
Device is not equipped with this Technology
CF Slot Type CF Type I
PC Card Slot Type
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Device is Not Capable
MMC Slot
Device is Not Capable
Built-in Speaker Monoaural
Headphone Slot
Device is Capable
Mic Slot
Device is Capable
Built-in Mic
Device is Not Capable
Mains (AC) Rating Input:    100-240V
Output: 12V, 4000 MAh
Primary Battery multicell lithium-ion pack
Backup Battery
Description The award-winning NOVA5000™ is a portable, standalone data logger that runs on Windows CE and provides students with a wide range of PC-like functionality. The NOVA5000 comes bundled with the full version of the MultiLab data analysis software and is compatible with Fourier’s over 65 sensors, enabling students to perform hundreds of scientific experiments in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science. Among the features that set the NOVA5000 apart are its 7” touch screen, the ability to collect data from up to 8 sensors simultaneously, connectivity with a projector and printer and more! In addition to MultiLab, the NOVA5000 comes bundled with an interactive periodic table, unit converter, interactive simulations and a suite of user-friendly MS Office compatible applications for creating lab reports. Whether in the lab or in the field, the NOVA5000 ensures that students enjoy and experience science!
ROM Upgrade Details OS Update Pre-setup Before beginning update of the OS: • Backup important data located on the Nova5000. This drive will be formatted during OS Update and all data will be deleted. • If ActiveSync software is installed on your PC, disable connections by launching the ActiveSync software and going to File > Connection Settings, unselecting the Allow USB connection check box and clicking OK. • Download the OS Update folder located on the Nova5000 Download Center. This folder includes the latest OS Image, the Nova5000 Update application and a utility named UsbMLink. OS Update Setup 1. Make sure the USB sync cable is disconnected and ActiveSync is disabled on your PC (see Pre-setup instructions). 2. Open the rear case of the Nova5000 unit. Press the OS Update button together with the Hard Reset button. Immediately release the Hard Reset button but continue to hold the OS Update button for at least ten seconds. After ten seconds, release the OS Update button. 3. Following step 2, the Nova5000's LCD screen will appear black, with no graphics of any kind. If you see any other screen, such as the Nova5000 splash screen (the startup graphic) then there is a problem and you must repeat steps 1-2 above. 4. Reconnect the USB sync cable between the PC (USB host) and Nova5000 (USB slave). Wait at least five seconds, and then launch the file named Nova Flash Utility.exe, downloaded together with the OS image from the Fourier Systems website. This launches the OS Update application. Note: Make sure the UsbMLink.exe file is located in the same folder as the Flash utility. Updating the OS Image 1. After launching the OS Update application in step 4 above, the OS Update main window will open. 2. Make sure the path in the Selected OS update file field points to the location of the OS Image file. The OS Image file must have the extension .BIN. The name of the file itself does not matter. 3. To update the OS Image, press the Update OS Image button. The application will first test the connection between the PC and the Nova5000. A progress bar will monitor this test and a message will appear in the Status pane confirming a successful test. Note: If the test connection failed, this probably means that at least five seconds did not elapse between connecting the USB cable and launching the OS Update application. 4. When the update process itself begins, another progress bar will appear. A successful update will be confirmed by another message in the Status pane. 5. Once the OS Image update has finished, the OS Update procedure itself is complete.
In the box
Software in ROM Windows Media Player 9 MultiLab™ data collection and analysis software Internet Explorer 6.0 Just Ask - Simulations Unit Converter Interactive Periodic Table SoftMaker Office Suite: TextMaker, PlanMaker & SoftMaker Presentation (Word, Excel & PowerPoint compatible) WordPad CalcCE scientific and statistical calculator Microsoft Transcriber with character recognition Flash 7 plug-in Printer drivers (for printers with PCL support) PrintBoy printing application Sound Recorder NOVAPaint NOVANotes (for audio, sketch and note taking)
Software on CD
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DVD Catalyst No Test Data
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Last Updated 24 May 2022


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