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Specifications: LG Phenom GP40M

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LG Phenom GP40M - HPC:Factor Device Specifications
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HPC Name:Phenom GP40M
Device Class:Handheld PC (Clamshell)
Supported Windows CE Versions:Handheld PC 1.0 (Windows CE 1.00)
Part #:GP40M
Availability: (Discontinued)
RRP / MSRP:£355.00 GBP ($443.75 USD, €394.05 EUD, ¥47,570.00 JPY, ¥3,053.00 CNY est.)
Street Price:£17.00 GBP ($21.25 USD, €18.87 EUD, ¥2,278.00 JPY, ¥146.20 CNY est.)
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163 mm x 95.5 mm x 25.4 mm
6.42 in x 3.76 in x 1.00 in
Weight:320g (0.71lbs)
CPU Type:
Bus Width:32-bit
Core:Super-H 3
Instruction Set:SH7700
CPU Clock Speed:40 MHz
RAM:2 MB (Max: 4 MB)
Persistent Storage Area (PSA):
Device is not equipped with a Persistent Storage Area
Upgradeable ROM:
Graphics Chip:
Display Type:STN
Backlight:Electro Luminiscent
Screen Visual Area:
Screen Dot Pitch:26 mm
Screen Resoloution:480 x 240
HPC 1.0
Colour Depth:4 Tone Monochrome (2-bit)
Touch Screen:
Device is Capable
Keyboard:59 key Qwerty
Built-in Pointer:Touchscreen
External Mouse:
Device is Not Capable
Other Input:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
RS232 Serial:
Device is Capable
Infrared (IrDA):IrDA 1.0 Serial IR (SIR) - 115.2Kbps
USB Host:
Device is Not Capable
USB Client:
Device is Not Capable
VGA Connector:
Device is Not Capable
External VGA Resolution:Not Available
Port Replicator:
Device is Not Capable
Additional Ports:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
Built-in Modem:14.4 Kbps
Built-in LAN (Wired Network):N/A
Built-in WiFi (Wireless Network):N/A
Built-in BlueTooth:N/A
Built-in Cellular:N/A
CF Slot Type:
Device is not equipped with this Technology
PC Card Slot Type:PCMCIA Type I
Device is Not Capable
MMC Slot:
Device is Not Capable
Built-in Speaker:Monoaural
Headphone Slot:
Device is Not Capable
Mic Slot:
Device is Not Capable
Built-in Mic:
Device is Capable
Mains (AC) Rating:
Primary Battery:AA Alkaline or NiMH
Backup Battery:
Description:The GP40M was one of the earliest HPCs to have included an internal built in 14.4 modem that did not occupy the pcmcia slot, leaving it open for memory card expansion.

It GP40M also had an integrated LED warning lamp that was coded to flash for various alarms, either hardware problems, or programable alarms for various software applications.

The GP40M is identical to the Hitachi HPW10E series in size and shape, but differing in case color. LG built all of the Hitachi handhelds, while the cpus were Hitachi design and built.
ROM Upgrade Details:
In the box:
Software in ROM:CE 1.0
Software on CD:TeleFax, 30 day IntelliSync, Pocket On-Schedule, WyndMail, and SkyTel Messenger
H/PC:Update:The HPC:Factor Windows Update for Windows CE. Find downloads including ROM updates, drivers, patches and manuals for your Handheld PC in H/PC:Update
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DVD Catalyst:No Test Data
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Last Updated:25 April 2009


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