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Hardware Compatibility By Handheld PC

The HCL allows you to view peripheral device compatibility by your Handheld PC model. This section displays information from three categories of data

  1. Reports from the user community on successfully using a give peripheral device with a model of Handheld PC
  2. Our own testing of any given device
  3. Assumed compatibility based upon known compatibility with the Windows CE version used on your device

You can help to improve the accuracy of this data by reporting your success and failures for any given device listed in the HCL.

Select your device

To begin, please select your Handheld PC device and Windows CE version from the list below and click 'Choose this Device'

Gigaset CL4 SIMpad photo

Siemens Gigaset CL4 SIMpad (Windows CE 3.00)

Compatible devices found 547


Hardware categories with compatible peripherals


All Known Compatibility

The following peripheral devices are compatible with your Handheld PC.

Analogue Modem

3Com 3CXM756

3Com 56K Global GSM/Cellular (X-Jack) 3CXM556

3Com Megaherts 3CCM556 Cellular Modem PC Card 3CCM556

3Com Megahertz XJ4288

AmbiCom EZPort CF56M-EZ Fax / Modem CF56M-EZ

AmbiCom Power Saver 56k PCMCIA AMB8802

BT BT Prologue V34 EX Plus

COM One 28800 Modem Card MC218

Compaq COMPAQ 56K CF Modem FB CFVFM-5614RD

D-Link DCF-560M CF Modem

Hayes Accura V.90 PC-Card Modem

Hayes Optima 28.8 + Fax EZ-4FA5

Hayes Optima 288 Fax/Modem/Data V.34 PC Card 533PAM

Hewlett Packard 56.6k Fax Modem PC Card F1270-60905

MagicXpress MX 33 PCM Data + Fax

MaxTech PCM-336 PCMCIA

MaxTech PCM56/C

Mobile Plus V.34 Data Fax Modem

Motorola MobileSurfer 56K

Motorola Montana 33.6 Fax Modem

Motorola Montana Lite 33.6 Fax Modem

Motorola PCMCIA V.34 Data Fax Modem

Motorola Power 14.4

Nokia DTP-2H GSM DataCard

Option GSM-Ready 56K PC Card Modem

Pace (PMC Consumer Electronics) NB 56 Voice

PreTec Electronics CompactModem 56K

Psion Teklogix Gold Card Global 56k + Fax

Rockwell Rockwell 56K V.90 Modem PC Card 560LT

Sitecom PC Card V.92 Fax Modem PC-001UK

Sony Sony PC Card Modem 56Kbps MDM-5614G

TDK 4000 Series Fax/V.34 Modem GSM/PCN

TDK 6000 Series GSM/PCN Data fax modem

TDK Global Class PC Card V.34 + Data/Fax DF2814

TDK Global Freedom DF5660 V90 Data fax modem DF5660

TNC PC Card Fax Modem

US Robotics 3Com Megahertz 3CXM556 3CXM556

US Robotics Megahertz 28.8 Modem PC Card XJEM3288

US Robotics Megahertz 56k Pc Card Modem with XJACK XJ5560

US Robotics Megahertz XJ1144 - 14.4k PC Card

US Robotics Megahertz XJ1560 - 56k PC Card w. XJACK

US Robotics Megahertz XJ2288 - 28.8k PC Card

US Robotics Megahertz XJ3288 - 28.8k PC Card

US Robotics Megahertz XJ4336 - 33.6 PC Card

US Robotics US Robotics PCMCIA 28800 Data/Fax

US Robotics US Robotics Sportster

Xircom CompactCard Modem 56 GlobalACCESS

Xircom CreditCard Ethernet + Modem 33.6kbps

Xircom CreditCard Ethernet + Modem 33.6kbps

Xircom CreditCard Modem 33.6kbps

ZyXEL Omni 56k Neo EE v.92/v.44 Faxmodem

ATA Flash Cards

Hewlett Packard F1013C 10 MB Flash Disk Card

Hewlett Packard F1014C 20 MB Flash Disk Card

Hewlett Packard F1215C 6 MB Flash Disk Card

Kingston Data Flash 4MB

MagicRAM FL128ATA 128MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL160ATA 160MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL16MATA 16MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL1GBATA 1GB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL256ATA 256MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL320ATA 320MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL32MATA 32MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL512ATA 512MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL64MATA 64MB ATA Flash Card

MagicRAM FL96MATA 96MB ATA Flash Card

PQI 8MB PC-ATA Flash Card

SanDisk 1.2 GB PCMCIA Card SDP3B-1280-101-50

SanDisk 128MB PCMCIA Card

SanDisk 450MB PCMCIA Card


SiliconTech SLATAFL448 448 MB

Simple Technology Flash Storage Card STI-ATAFL/128MB

Simple Technology Flash Storage Card STI-ATAFL/224MB

Simple Technology Flash Storage Card STI-ATAFL/48MB

Barcode Scanners

Socket Communications SL0715-094 Bar Wand PC Card

Socket Communications SL2701-112 Bar Wand CF Card

Socket Communications SL2717-201 CF Laser Laser Scanner 2104

Batteries & Charging

Hewlett Packard Jornada 680, 690, 700 series External battery charger F1841A

NEC MobilePro 770 780 790 AA 6v Battery Adapter MC-BA10

NEC MobilePro 790 Li-ion Battery Pack MC/BA14A

NEC MobilePro 900 Li-on Battery OP-MP9

Biometric Devices

Biocentric Solutions, Inc BioHub


AmbiCom Air2Net Bluetooth Wireless CF Card BT2000-CF

Digitus Bluetooth CF Type I 16-bit DN-3009M

Innovision EIO Wave Link Bluetooth Compact Flash Adapter

Mavin Technology MCF-M2.1 Bluetooth CompactFlash Card

Mavin Technology MCF-M2.1-6 Bluetooth CompactFlash Card

PreTec Electronics CompactBT OC-BTEXX-A

Socket Communications BL4508-309 Bluetooth CF Connection Kit

Socket Communications BL4513-367 Bluetooth CF Connection Kit

Socket Communications CF Connection Kit 8510-00159, 8510-00159G

Cables & Leads

Ablegrid AC Adapter ANU-090100A

Addlogix inc. SXP-256 bidirectional buffered serial to parallel

Hewlett Packard hp 300, 600, 700, 800 series Serial Sync Cable F1258A

Hewlett Packard hp Parallel Printer Cable F1274A

Hewlett Packard Jornada 680, 690, 710, 720 AC adapter F1279-60901

Hewlett Packard Jornada 680, 690, 710, 720, 728 AC adapter F1279B

Hewlett Packard Jornada 720, 728 3 wire AC adapter F1816-80125

NEC MobilePro 700, 750c, 770, 780, 800 Serial Sync Cable S1424-12S

NEC MobilePro 790 AC Adapter (UK) MC-BA6A

NEC MobilePro 900 AC Adapter ADP-24MB


Hewlett Packard Pocket Camera F1869A

Lifeview Flycam LR178

PreTec Electronics Pretec CF Camera 1.3mp 21246325

PreTec Electronics Pretec CF Camera P300 OCCAV

Cellular Phones

Motorola L2

Nokia 3320

Nokia 6810

Nokia N95 N95

Nokia Nokia 6100

Nokia Nokia 8310

Nokia Nokia Phone Card 2.0

Sharp GX25

Siemens ME45

Siemens S45

Siemens Siemens S55

Sony Ericsson Ericsson R320s

Sony Ericsson K800i K800i

Sony Ericsson T300

Sony Ericsson T39M

Sony Ericsson T68i

Cradles & Dock Stations

Hewlett Packard Jornada 710, 720, 728 Docking Cradle F1822A

Ethernet Cards (Wired LAN)

3Com 3C1 CF Card

Accton EN2216

AmbiCom PowerSaver 10 Mbps Ethernet CF AMB8610

Apollo CompactFlash 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter CFE100

Apollo CompactFlash Ethernet LAN Card CE10T

Billionton CFLA-100B 10/100 Base Ethernet

Billionton CFLA-100N 10/100 Base Ethernet

Billionton CFLA2 CF Slim 10 Base Ethernet

Buffalo Technology LPC-CF-CLT

CNet CN40

Corega International EtherII PCC-T 10M Ethernet

D-Link DE-660CT DE-660CT

D-Link D-Link DE-660+

D-Link D-Link DFE-670TXD DFE-670TXD

D-Link DME-650T DME-650T

Dynalink L10C 10 Mbps Ethernet

Fiberline Networks FL-4680

Fiberline Networks FL-FE1500 10/100

Fiberline Networks FL-FE1600 10/100


Hawking Tech CF686TX Fast Ethernet Compact Flash Network Adapted (10/100 Mbps) CF686TX

Hypertec HyperNet PCMCIA Ethernet Card

Kingston EtheRx Compact I/O Ethernet 10Base-T Adapter CIO1, CIO10T

Kingston KNE-PC2 EtheRx IC PC Card

LG LG Goldstream LPNC-10

Linksys EC2T PCMCIA EthernetCard (Ambocom) EC2T

Linksys EC2T PCMCIA EthernetCard (D-Link) EC2T

Linksys NP10T

Microcom TravelCard 56K/LAN 10/100

Ovislink Corp. LS-PCM 10M version A/B

Ovislink Corp. OV-PC16D OV-PC-16D

Planet Networking & Communcation Ethernet Adapter Card ENW-3501

Planex Communications CF-10CT Compact Flash 10MB LAN

PreTec Electronics CompactLAN CF Card

RealTek RTL8139 (A/B/C) RTL8139A, RTL8139B, RTL8139C

SMC EZ Connect SMC8041TX v.2.0


Socket Communications 10/100 Ethernet CF Card EA2912-325

Socket Communications Low Power Ethernet (LP-E) Card MP580109

Socket Communications Low Power Ethernet Plus (LP-E) EA0911

Socket Communications LP-E Low Power Ethernet PC card 8010-00078A, 8010-00079

SOHOware, Inc ND5120-E 10BaseT ND5120-E B1

Spirit Spirit Ethernet PCMCIA



Thomson SpeedTouch 110 Agere Systems 0110-PC, USI PCBAG-00, DSL20110RW A1, 8466-114132-22

TrendNet Compact Flash 10/100 TE-CF100

Xircom CompactCard Ethernet 10 CFE-10

Xircom CreditCard Ethernet Adapter 10/100 CE3-10/100

Xircom Xircom CreditCard Ethernet 10/100 CE3B-100BTX

Flash Memory Cards

2Wire SIGMA 256 CompactFlash Card THNCF256MMG (T00AK)

Dane-Elec CompactFlash 4GB DACF4096R

FujiFilm 64 MB Digital Memory Card

Hewlett Packard 10 MB CompactFlash F1232A

Hewlett Packard 2 MB CompactFlash F1229A

Hewlett Packard 2 MB CompactFlash F1302A

Hewlett Packard 4 MB CompactFlash F1231A

Hitachi 128 MB Flash D297

Kingston 2GB CompactFlash Card CF/2GB

Kingston 8MB Compact Flash Card CF/8-CE

Kingston CF/1GB

Kodak 8 MB Digital Science SDP-1E2E

MagicRAM 128 MB CF Card CF128ATH

MagicRAM 256 MB CF Card CF256ATH

MagicRAM 32 MB CF Card CF32MATH

MagicRAM 512 MB CF Card CF512ATH

MagicRAM 64 MB CF Card CF64MATH

MagicRAM 96 MB CF Card CF96MATH

Memory Technology Company Inc. 8 gb Compact Flash Memory Card 9930406-006.a00

MyMemory PRO Compact Flash Card 8GB MMCF8GB

PNY 15 MB VersaCard Flash Memory PCF015-PA

PNY 4 MB VersaCard Flash Memory PCF04-PA

PNY 8 MB VersaCard Flash Memory PCF08-PA, P-CF008-PA

PQI PQI Hi-Speed 100 4 GB Compact Flash AC61-4030R5502

PreTec Electronics 16 MB CompactFlash

PreTec Electronics 2 MB CompactFlash

PreTec Electronics 4 MB CompactFlash

PreTec Electronics 8 MB CompactFlash

Samsung 4GB 150X Compact Flash Card (OEM)

Samsung 64 MB CF Card (Rev 1.15) A558

SanDisk 10 MB CompactFlash SDCFB-10-101

SanDisk 15 MB CompactFlash SDCFB-15-101

SanDisk 16GB Extreme III SDCFX3-16384-901

SanDisk 1GB SDP Standard CompactFlash SDCFB-1024-A10

SanDisk 2 MB CompactFlash SDCFB-2-101

SanDisk 256 MB CompactFlash

SanDisk 256MB Compact Flash SDCFB

SanDisk 4 MB CompactFlash SDCFB-4-101

SanDisk 6 MB CompactFlash SDCFB-6-101

SanDisk 8 MB CF Card SDP-1E2E

SanDisk 8 MB CompactFlash SDCFB-8-101

SanDisk Compact Flash 16 MB SDCFB-16

SanDisk Compact Flash 64MB SDCFB-64

SanDisk Sandisk Extreme 32GB Compactflash 120MB/s UDMA7 SDCFXSB-032G-G46

SanDisk Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash 16GB SDCFX3-016G-A31

Simple Technology 128 MB CompactFlash Card STI-CF

Simple Technology 48 MB Compact Flash Card STI-CF

Toshiba 128MB CF Card CFC-128MBA (H00AK)

Toshiba 1GB OEM Card THNCF1G02QG

Toshiba 256 MB CF Card THNCF256MAA

Transcend 2GB 133X Compact Flash Card TS2GCF133

Transcend 32 GB Ultra 133x TS32GCF133

Transcend 4GB 133x Ultra Speed Compact Flash Card TS4GCF133

Transcend 4GB 45X Compact Flash Card TS4GCF45

Transcend CompactFlash 8GB 133X Type I CF Memory Card TS8GCF133

Transcend Transcend 2GB CF 133x

Transcend Transcend CompactFlash 133X 32GB TS32GCF133

Transcend TS16GCF133 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card TS16GCF133

Viking Components 128 MB Compact Flash CF128M

Viking Components 16 MB Compact Flash CF16M

Viking Components 24 MB Compact Flash CF24M

Viking Components 256 MB Compact Flash CF256M

Viking Components 32 MB Compact Flash CF32M

Viking Components 48 MB Compact Flash CF48M

Viking Components 64 MB Compact Flash CF64M

Viking Components 8 MB Compact Flash CF8M

Viking Components 96 MB Compact Flash CF96M

GPS Receivers

Billionton CompactFlash Size GPS Card CFGPS-B

Billionton CompactFlash Size GPS Card CFGPS-N

GlobalSat Technology Corp. Globalsat BC307 Xtrac CF

Guidetek Technology GS-R270 CF Card Type GPS receiver GS-R270

Haicom Electronics HI-300MMF CompactFlash

Haicom Electronics HI-302 CompactFlash

Haicom Electronics HI-303E CompactFlash 040833E004439

Haicom Electronics HI-303S CompactFlash

Holux Technology GM-270 CF GPS Receiver

Holux Technology GR-271 CF Card GPS Receiver


Space (Guidetek Technology) GS-R270 GPS GS-R270

SysOnChip SysOn GPS CF SOC1S03

SysOnChip SysOn GPS CF SOC1S04

SysOnChip SysOn Memory GPS CF SOC1S04

Ublox Ublox7 GPS

Hard Disk (CF / PC Card)

Accurite Technologies PCMCIA Travel HD (Hard Drive)

A-Data Technology Speedy Series CF 2GB ACFC002GZZZZZ

CMS Products Inc. F04473 PCMCIA-2.0 (2GB)

GS Magic inc. Magicstor 2.2GB Plus CF - II

GS Magic inc. Magicstor 4.0GB Plus CF - II

IBM CF+ Type II (170 MB) DSCM-10170

IBM CF+ Type II (1GB) DSCM-11000

IBM CF+ Type II (340 MB) DSCM-10340

IBM CF+ Type II (512 MB) DSCM-10512

Kingston Datapak 1GB PCMCIA hard drive

Kingston Datapak 2GB PCMCIA hard drive

Kingston Datapak 5GB PCMCIA hard drive

Toshiba Datapak MK2001MPL 2GB PCMCIA hard drive

Toshiba Datapak MK5002MPL 5GB PCMCIA hard drive

I/O Cards (Parallel)

Quatech Quatech SPP-100 SPP-100

I/O Cards (Serial)

Billionton CompactFlash Serial I/O Adapter CF232-B

Billionton CompactFlash Serial I/O Adapter CF232-N

FTDI Generic USB RS232 (CDC ACM, PL2303, FTDI, Prolific) Device

Keyspan Keyspan USB-A to Serial DB9 RS232 Adapter Cable USA-19HS

Ratoc Systems International CF60U Serial I/O RS-232C

Ratoc Systems International CFU1U USB 1.1 Host Adapter

Socket Communications Dual Serial High Speed I/O PC Card

Socket Communications Dual Serial High Speed Ruggedised I/O PC Card SL0723-116

Socket Communications Dual Serial I/O PC Card SL0703-081

Socket Communications Quad Serial High Speed Ruggedized I/O PC Card SL0751-161

Socket Communications Single Serial High Speed I/O CF Card SL2700-096

Socket Communications Single Serial High Speed I/O PC Card SL0700-004

Socket Communications Single Serial High Speed Ruggedised I/O CF Card SL2703-138

Socket Communications Single Serial High Speed Ruggedised I/O PC Card SL0707-078


Apple Newton Keyboard X0044

Belkin F8E466-MOB USB Numeric Keypad F8E466-MOB

Hewlett Packard hp External Keyboard F1275A

iBIZ KeySync Keyboard

Philips Mini IR Keyboard SWK-8630

Memory Storage Adapters

Archos 4 in 1 (SD/MMC/SM/MS)

Dazzle Dazzle 4 In 1 Card Adapter



Digi-Link Technology Co Ltd Twin Bus PCMCIA Adapter & USB 5 IN 1 Adapter CRA 212

Digi-Link Technology Co Ltd Twin Bus PCMCIA Adapter & USB CF Adapter

EagleTec Compact Flash CF Type I / II Card Adapter (CF>PC Card)

EDUP EDUP 5 in 1 card reader MCR-5A

FujiFilm DPC-AD (xD>PC Card)

Hitachi MicroDrive PC Card Adapter (MDA-BP) (CF>PC Card)

Power Quotient International (PQI) Co CF Card Adapter Type I (PC Card > CF)


PreTec Electronics CompactSSFDC Smart Media CF Card Adapter

Sagem Communication 6-in-1 CF Adapter (SD/MMC/SM/MS/MSp/xD)

SanDisk 4-in-1 PC Card Adapter (SDDR-65)

SanDisk 6-in-1 PC Card Adapter (SD/MMC/SM/MS/MSp/xD)

SanDisk CompactFlash PC Card Adapter (CF>PC Card)

SanDisk Ultra PC Card Adapter (Type I ) (CF>PC Card)

Simple Technology Digital Media Compactflash Adaptater 9000-40185-000

Socket Communications Type I PC Adapter Card (8520-00025) (CF>PC Card)

Sony 128MB Memory Stick MSA-128A

Sony 16MB Memory Stick MSA-16A

Sony 32MB Memory Stick MSA-32A

Sony 4MB Memory Stick MSA-4A

Sony 64MB Memory Stick MSA-64A

Sony 8MB Memory Stick MSA-8A

Sony Memory Stick PC Card Adaptor MSAC-PC2

Transcend TS0MCF2PC CompactFlash to PCMCIA adaptor TS0MCF2PC

Xircom CardCaddy

Mice / Pointing Devices

IBM Director Mouse 10L7415

Microsoft Corporation IntelliMouse Optical USB

Microsoft Corporation IntelliMouse USB

Other Storage

Accurite Technologies PCMCIA LS-120 SuperDisk Floppy Drive

Addonics Combo Hard Drive

Addonics Pocket ExDrive

Agate Tech DN-Boy

Amacom Technologies FlipDisk

Apricorn Ez-Gig

Archos MiniHD

Archos QDisk

Argosy HD520

Argosy HD530

CMS Products Inc. EasyMove

EXP HD Traveler E

H45 Technologies Pocket Drive

Iomega Clik! USB

Iomega PocketZip Clik! PC Card Drive

Mountain Solutions ABSplus (PCMCIA-01)

NEC Clik! USB PK-CL101

RCA Corp. Lyra Jukebox RD2820 RD2820

RCA Corp. Lyra Jukebox RD2840 RD2840

Shining Technologies CitiDISK

ViPower SmartHandy

YE Data Inc. YD-8U10-5xxx Multicolor USB Floppy Disk Drive

YE Data Inc. YD-8U10-8300 Standard USB Floppy Disk Drive 8U10-8300, YD-8U10

YE Data Inc. YD-8U12 2x High Speed Floppy Disk Drive YD-8U12

YE Data Inc. YD-8U14 4x Ultra High Speed Floppy Disk Drive YD-8U14


Canon BJC-50

Canon BJC-55

Canon BJC-80

Canon BJC-85

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 1120C

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 1120Cse

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 1120Cxi

Hewlett Packard DeskJet 340

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 450cbi

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 450ci

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 450wbt

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 660C

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 670C

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 690C

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 695C

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 697C

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 850C

Hewlett Packard DeskJet 870

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 870C

Hewlett Packard DeskJet 890C

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 890Cse

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 890Cxi

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 990Cse

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4000

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4000N

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4000T

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4Plus

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5000

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5000GN

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5000N

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5L

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5P

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 6

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 6L

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 6P

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 8000

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 8000DN

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 8000N

Pentax PocketJet 200 Kit (IrDA)

Pentax PocketJet II

Pentax PocketJet3 PT-A4312, 205537-504

Zebra Cameo 2

Zebra Cameo 2SC

Zebra Cameo 3

Zebra Cameo 3N

Zebra Cameo 3SC

Zebra Cameo PEP

Zebra Cemeo 2 Plus

Zebra QL 200

Zebra QL 320

Zebra QL 420

Zebra TR 220

RAM / ROM Upgrades

NEC NEC MP780 16MB RAM Upgrade 808-129916-001

SCSI Controllers

Adaptec SlimSCSI APA-1450B

Sound Devices

Prolink Microsystems CF Type Radio Card FM 203 Mobile Radio

USB Memory Sticks

PenDrive PenDrive 2.0 Compact 256MB

Video devices

ATI Mach 64

Cirrus Logic Cirrus GD-5434

Cirrus Logic Cirrus Logic 5429

Colorgraphic Voyager VGA CF Card CRDVGACH131

Colorgraphic Voyager VGA PC Card

Hewlett Packard hp VGA Out Card F1252A

MARGI Systems Presenter-to-Go PC Card (21005) 20-2300

Prolink Microsystems PK 201

Prolink Microsystems PK 203

S3 S3 Virge

S3 Trio64

Trident 9440 PCI

Trident TVGA 8800D

Wireless Data Modems

Nokia Nokia D211 PCMCIA GSM / GPRS / WiFi (802.11b)

Nokia Nokia D311 PCMCIA GSM / GPRS / WiFi (802.11b)

Novatel Wireless Merlin C201 Wireless PC Card Modem (CDMA2000)

Novatel Wireless Merlin G201 Wireless PC Card Modem (GPRS)

Option GlobeTrotter Universal Tri-band GPRS/GSM PC-Radio

Sierra Wireless AirCard 300 (WAN, CDPD)

Sierra Wireless AirCard 550 (WAN CDMA)

Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 (WAN, CDMA) SB555-T Embeded Modem

Sierra Wireless AirCard 710 (WAN GPRS)

Sierra Wireless AirCard 750 (WAN GPRS Tri-Band)

Sierra Wireless AirCard 775 (WAN GSM/GPRS, Quad Band)

Sony Ericsson GC75 6130201-BVGC75

Sony Ericsson GC82 (GPRS/EDGE)

Sony Ericsson GC83 (GPRS/EDGE)

Sony Ericsson GC85 [16-bit version] (GPRS/EDGE)

Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson EDGE PC Card GC-85 GC-85

Vodafone Mobile Connect Card

Wireless Network Cards

2Wire PC24E-11-FC/R (802.11b) 019461/D

3Com 11 Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card with XJACK Antenna 3CRWE62092B

3Com 3CRWE737A AirConnect PC Card (802.11b) 3CRWE737A

3Com 3CRWE737A-E1 AirConnect PC Card (802.11b) 3CRWE737A-E1

Agere WiLAN Systems Agere Wireless Lan CF Card CF-B-AG-01

Agere WiLAN Systems ORiNOCO Gold (802.11b) 39L02987

Agere WiLAN Systems ORiNOCO Silver (802.11b)

Alcatel-Lucent Speedtouch 11M wireless adapter

Alvarion BreezeNet DS.11b (802.11b)

AmbiCom Wave2Net WL1100 Compact Flash NIC (802.11b) WL1100

AmbiCom Wave2Net WL1100B Compact Flash NIC (802.11b) WL1100B

AmbiCom Wave2Net WL1100C Compact Flash NIC (802.11b) WL1100C

Asus Spacelink Wireless LAN CF Card (802.11b) WL-110

Avaya Wireless Word Card Silver (802.11b)

Belkin F5D6020 Ver 1 (802.11b)

Belkin F5D6060 Compact Flash NIC (802.11b)

BenQ AWL100 AWL100

Buffalo Technology Air Station WLI-PCM-L11GP (802.11b)

Buffalo Technology WLI2-CF-S11 (802.11b) WLI2-CF-S11

Buffalo Technology WLI-CF-S11G (802.11b) WLI-CF-S11G

Cell Networks 890-56-283 WLAN network adaptor 890-56-283

Cisco Systems Aironet 340 Series (802.11b) AIR-PCM340

Cisco Systems Aironet 341 Series (802.11b) AIR-PCM341

Cisco Systems Aironet 342 Series (802.11b) AIR-PCM342

Cisco Systems Aironet 350 Series (802.11b) AIR-PCM350

Cisco Systems Aironet Turbo DS PC4800 100-004100-001

Compaq WL100 Wireless PC Card (802.11b)

Compaq WL110 Wireless PC Card (802.11b) 232237-001

Compex iWavePort WCF11A


Dell TrueMobile CF-1180 (802.11b) 09x808

D-Link DCF-660W (802.11b)

D-Link DLink Air DCF-650W (802.11b) DCF-650W

D-Link DWL-650 rev. A1 (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. B (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. C (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. D (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. E (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. F (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. G (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. H (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. I (802.11b)

D-Link DWL-650 rev. J (802.11b)

D-Link NetEasy DRC 650 DRC650

Easytel Telewell WLAN PCMCIA LAN card (802.11b)

Enterasys RoamAbout (802.11b) CSIBD-AA

EUSSO Technologies 11Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (PRISM) GL2411-MU

Gemtek WL-672 Wireless Network Adapter (802.11b)

Hawking Tech CF100W Compact Flash NIC (802.11b)

Hawking Tech H-CF30W Compact Flash NIC (802.11b)

Hewlett Packard 11-Mbps Wireless Lan PC Card F2136b-80002

Hewlett Packard ProCurve AP Card 150wl 13CH (802.11b) J8136A

Intel Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 LAN PC Card (802.11b)

Interepoch IWE100-X1011 (802.11b) IWE100-X1011

Interepoch IWE100-X1013 (802.11b) IWE100-X1013

Linksys WCF12 (802.11b)

Linksys WPC11 3.0 (802.11b)

Linksys WPC11 v3.0 (802.11b)

Lucent Tecnologies ORiNOCO Gold (802.11b)

Lucent Tecnologies ORiNOCO Silver PC24E-H-FC (802.11b) PC24E-H-FC

Lucent Tecnologies WaveLAN Silver PC24E-H-ET (802.11b) PC24E-H-ET

Meritline MWL-672 11Mbps Wireless LAN (802.11b)

NEC PC-WL/11C (802.11b) 019019/D


NetGear MA401 (802.11b)

NetGear MA701 Compact Flash NIC (802.11b)

Nokia Nokia C110 PCMCIA GSM / WiFi (802.11b)

Nokia Nokia C111 PCMCIA GSM / WiFi (802.11b)

Nokia Nokia D211 PCMCIA GSM / GPRS / WiFi (802.11b) 0630399

Nokia Nokia D311 PCMCIA GSM / GPRS / WiFi (802.11b)

PreTec Electronics CompactWLAN CompactFlash (802.11b)

Proxim Wireless Harmony Wireless LAN Card (802.11b) 8430

Proxim Wireless ORiNOCO PC Card Gold (802.11b) 8420-WD

Proxim Wireless Symphony HRF 4430 (Proprietary) IMK-HRF1PC

Roku SoundBridge Wi-Fi CF Card (802.11) CF-B-AG-01

Roku SoundBridge Wi-Fi CF Card (802.11b) SB1001

Samsung MagicLAN MagicLAN SWL-2100N (802.11b) SWL-2100N

Samsung MagicLAN MagicLAN SWL-2200C CF (802.11b) SWL-2200C

Senao International Mercury CF Card (802.11b) NL-2511CF

Senao International NL-2511CD PC Card (802.11b) NL-2511CD

Senao International NL-2511CD PLUS (802.11b)

Senao International NL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 (802.11b)

Senao International SL-2011CD PC Card (802.11b) SL-2011CD

Senao International SL-2511CF (802.11b)

Siemens I-GATE 11M PC Card (802.11b)

SMC 2642W Wireless CF Type II (802.11b)

Socket Communications Low Power CF Wireless LAN Card (802.11b) WL6004-322

Socket Communications Low Power CF Wireless LAN Card (802.11b) WL6006-508

Socket Communications Socket Low Power WLAN Card 8510-00186 and 8510-00188

Socket Communications WL6000-320 Low Power CF Wireless LAN Card (802.11b)

Socket Communications WL6001-356 Low Power CF Wireless LAN Card (802.11b)

Sparklan Communications WL-672 Wireless Network Adapter (802.11b)

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN LA-2400

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN LA-2470

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN LA-3020

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN LA-3021-101

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN LA-3021-501

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN LA-3025

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN LA-3026

Symbol Spectrum 24 Wireless LAN PC Card 802.11b LA-4121

Symbol Symbol Spectrum Wireless Network Card LA-412T

Symbol Wireless Networker LA-4137

Symbol Wireless Networker CompactFlash (802.11b)

US Robotics USR2410 (802.11b)

US Robotics USR2415 (802.11b)

Xircom CreditCard Wireless Ethernet Adapter (802.11b) CWE1120-NA

Xircom CreditCard Wireless Ethernet Adapter (802.11b) CWE1130

ZCom AirRunner XI-300 PC Card (802.11b) XI-300

ZCom AirRunner XI-300B PC Card (802.11b) XI-300B

ZCom AirRunner XI-325 PC Card (802.11b)

ZCom AirRunner XI-815 CF Card (802.11b)

ZCom AirRunner XI-825 CF Card (802.11b)

ZONET Wireless 11B CompactFlash Card ZCF1100

ZyXEL Zyair B-100 (802.11b)