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Hardware Compatibility List

Manufacturer Sort by Manufacturer (Ascending)Sort by Manufacturer (Decending) Device Name Sort by Device Name (Ascending)Sort by Device Name (Decending) Other Form Factor Handheld PC 1.0 Running Windows CE 1.00 Compatibility Handheld PC 2.0 Running Windows CE 2.00 Compatibility Handheld PC 3.0 Professional Running Windows CE 2.11 Compatibility Handheld PC 2000 Running Windows CE 3.00 Compatibility Windows CE .net 4.20 Compatibility
Sound Devices
Prolink Microsystems Prolink FM201 CF (Radio card)
- FM201 (PV-FM201)
CompactFlash (CF)
Incompatible with Windows CE 1.00 No Test Data Currently AvailableNo Test Data Currently AvailableNo Test Data Currently AvailableCompatible with Windows CE .net 4.20
Roland SCP-55 Sound Canvas PCMCIA (MIDI)
Incompatible with Windows CE 1.00 Compatible with Windows CE 2.00 Incompatible with Windows CE 2.11 Incompatible with Windows CE 3.00 Incompatible with Windows CE .net 4.20
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Sound Devices
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