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Submitting News to HPC:Factor

HPC:Factor is a community portal made specifically for the community! We are always looking for contributions from community members as well as developers, OEM's, enthusiasts and related companies.

Does HPC:Factor accept news submissions?

Yes! If you have a news item, a press release, an announcement or just want to get something out to the Windows CE world, we are interested to hear from you. We will always consider submissions on an individual basis, but generally speaking we are looking for stories from:

  • Site Visitors
  • Community Members
  • Software Developers
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Windows CE (Handheld PC) Retailers
  • OEM's
  • Partner Sites

Automated Submission

The fastest way to submit news in to HPC:Factor. The automated submission system will send your news item directly to the editorial staff, and can be approved on the spot. The automated system can be used by anyone, at any time.

News items sent in this way are submitted to the editorial team for vetting are are not directly posted onto the site. Your submission may be edited for content quality purposes, however it is HPC:Factor policy to always give credit where it is possible to do so.

View: News Submission

Contacting the Editorial Team

If you require something more specific, you are welcome to contact a site editor via the contact page. Please include as much information as possible in your email.

Please Note: Contacting individual members of the editorial staff is subject to action by the staff member on his or her local time zone and at their schedule and convenience. This is not therefore the most efficient way to submit news to HPC:Factor.

View: Contact Page

Can't I just post my news onto the Forum?

You are welcome to post news onto the forum as a registered member, however we prefer that for news items all visitors and members submit news formally.

It is very easy for staff to miss posts made onto the Forum - and if it is easy for staff to do it, it is easy for the wider community to miss your announcement!
Through using formal channels you are widening your potential audience, ensuring your news item remains a matter of historic record and will not fall down the viewable ranking as quickly as a forum post.

Remember: HPC:Factor is more than a forum - relatively speaking very little of our traffic is aimed at the forum!

Where will my news submission be displayed?

All news submissions will receive coverage on the HPC:Factor home page as well as:

  • Permanent presence in the HPC:Factor News archives (well indexed by search engines)
  • Coverage on our primary News RSS feed
  • Coverage on our AvantGo Channel
  • Coverage on our Mobile CDF Channel
  • Syndication on sites who carry our news feed
  • Links throughout the site referencing current news events
  • Potentially: Forum announcement posting by an Editor