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Site Help & Support - OpenSearch 1.1

We are currently prototyping a partial implementation of the H/PC Community Forums and the OpenSearch 1.1 specification. This page briefly outlines the system.


What is OpenSearch 1.1 ?

OpenSearch is a standardised method for enabling cross-site, dynamic search content to be requested and rendered on a global basis over the Internet. OpenSearch is based upon the RSS specification and is designed to make the sourcing of information even easier - placing the power in the hands of the user and not restricting them to specific sites or interfaces.


How do I use OpenSearch on HPC:Factor?

The OpenSearch 1.1 implementation on HPC:Factor, released with HPC:Factor v2.0 is a partial implementation of the OpenSearch 1.1 format that focuses on providing users with the ability to directly interface with our forum search system.

The Handheld PC Community Forums here on HPC:Factor can be searched using the existing web interface, however with the new OpenSearch system, users can easily implement their own search box to forum search results from their own site, or integrate forum search capabilities directly into their web browser.
At this time HPC:Factor does not return RSS/Atom information using the OpenSearch specification, only the interface is provided.

Updated: You can now use the HPC:Factor OpenSearch implementation in one of two ways

  1. As a session linked items - when you brows HPC:Factor, HPC:Factor Forums will automatically appear as a search provider in your browsers search toolbar
  2. As a permanent addition to your browser search bar - to configure HPC:Factor as a permanent search provider, please follow the steps outlined below


To add HPC:Factor's Forums as a permanent Source click on the icon below
(Requires a compatible OpenSearch client such as Internet Explorer 7.0, FireFox 2.0+, Chrome and Safari 5.1 with the OpenSearch extension.)
Add OpenSearch 1.1 Source

Once accepted, you will be able to search the Forums directly from the Search bar in your client

HPC:Factor H/PC Community Forums in Internet Explorer 7.0

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and would like to make HPC:Factor your default search provider, or would like to change your search provider

  1. Click the drop arrow next to the Search Bar Search Button
  2. Select Change Search Defaults... from the list
    Change Search Defaults window in Internet Explorer 7.0
  3. Highlight the search provider you wish to set as default (for example HPC:Factor Forums) and click Set Default
    Internet Explorer 7 OpenSearch Settings
  4. If you wish to add additional Search Providers to the options list, click Find more providers... on the bottom left of the window
  5. Click OK to return to Internet Explorer


Can I search the main site using OpenSearch ?

No, not at this time.

We are constantly monitoring how the community makes use of HPC:Factor, and will try to respond to changing needs within the community as fast as possible. At this time, providing search facilities for the main site and fully RSS/Atomised versions of the search results is not an economical priority. If you would like to see further extensions to this or any other system on the site, please get in contact with us and let us know your thoughts.