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Handheld PC Community Directory Guide

The HPC:Factor Handheld PC Community Directory is a repository of Internet links and web resources focusing on all things Handheld PC. The directory is created by the community, through your submissions for the benefit of the community.

View: The Handheld PC Directory

How does the directory work?

The Directory forms the basis of HPC:Factor's interaction with its wider web environment. All links in the Directory form the basis of site services such as the Hardware Compatibility List, and as a consequence it is important that the listings be kept accurate, up-to-date and free from SPAM.

All submission into the Directory are performed by authorised staff members, however registered HPC:Factor Handheld PC Community Forums member can submit any related links in to be considered.

Submitting Links

What can I submit?

The directory is exclusively a resource for links with a direct relationship to the Handheld PC, Windows CE 1 - 6 and direct modifications to Handheld PC Hardware. The directory does not accept listings for Pocket PC, SmartPhone or Windows Mobile along with and other Mobile Device or IT platform.

The directory is designed to provide a functional listing of web sites, not web-pages! The directory is not designed to be a substitute for a search engine and this forms the main distinction between a web site and a web page.

For Example:

  • HPC:Factor (https://www.hpcfactor.com/) provides:
    • Technical Support (https://www.hpcfactor.com/support/)
      • How to troubleshoot Infrared Connections
      • Intersil Prism Reference Drivers
    • Hardware Compatibility Information (https://www.hpcfactor.com/hcl/)

In this example, the directory is only interested in https://www.hpcfactor.com/, and not any of the specific content on offer on the site; although there will be some exceptions to this rule such as when a non-English default page uses a specific sub-URL for its English language content.

In summary, you can submit:

  1. Links to material directly related to the Handheld PC
  2. Web (HTTP) resources

How do I submit a Link?

Before you can submit a link to the Directory you must be a registered member of the Handheld PC Community Forums here on HPC:Factor.

To submit a link for consideration to be listed in the Directory please complete the Directory Submission Form. Once complete, and assuming that it is not already in the listing (you will be informed if it is) your recommendation will be logged into the pending submissions database and await approval by a HPC:Factor staff member.

Please Note: Your submission is not entered into the Directory main database, it is entered into a cache file pending approval and has no impact upon active listings.

How do I request changes to a Link?

If you have found an error in a listing, want to help make a listing better or request a link be removed from the database please contact a staff member at this time.