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Using the Forums BBS Code Markup

The HPC:Factor forums are designed to allow for a limited number of formatting controls which will allow users to present their posts in a more readable fashion...

The forum supports the following extended markup codes

Opening Closing
[/b] Bold text
[/i] Italic Text
[/u] Underline Text
[/s] Strikethrough Text
[/quote] Insert a quote without a citation
[/quote] Insert a quote with a citation
Insert programming/code
[/spoiler] Create a hidden panel to hide spoiler information
[/big] Large Text
[/small] Small Text
[/red] Red Text
[/orange] Orange Text
[/yellow] Yellow Text
[/green] Green Text
[/blue] Blue Text
[/indigo] Indigo Text
[/violet] Violet Text
[/purple] Purple Text
[/gray] Gray Text
[/url] Insert Hyperlink
  Insert Image from URL
  Insert email address
[/LIST] Create a bulleted list
  • item 1
  • item 2
[/LIST#] Create an ordered list
  1. item 1
  2. item 2
  A list item in a bulleted or ordered list e.g.
[*=item 1]
[*=item 2]
[*=item 3]
  Insert a YouTube video
  Insert an eBay link (search term or item number)
  Insert an Amazon link (search term, ASIN or ISBN)