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Private Messages (PM) System

When using the forums, there are times when you may need to get in touch with others forum users on a one to one basis. When registering on the forum, it is down to the individual user as to whether their e-mail address is made available to other registered forum users. Consequently, as many users prefer to maintain their e-mail address privacy, the PM system provides any registered forum user with a facility to contact any other registered forum user.

Only registered users of the forum can use the PM system.

  • Accessing the PM system
  • Inbox limitations
  • Sending a Message
  • Receiving e-mail notifications of new PM's
  • Technical Support over PM
  • Does HPC:Factor automatically clear messages from the PM system?

Accessing the PM system

  • The PM system is accessed using the Inbox link on the forum header bar, available on every page under the forum.

  • Alternatively if you have a new PM, the HPC:Factor content extension area at the left of the page will alert you to the presence of a new PM. Clicking on the Inbox link here will take you to the Inbox and display the new message.

  • Finally you can access the Inbox using the following URL:

    If your user account is configured to notify you of new PM's via e-mail, this link will be provided automatically in the notification.

Inbox limitations

By default, all registered forum users are permitted to store up to 50 individual messages in their PM folders. This number includes the total of all messages stored in:

  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Sent Items

Once the message limit is exceeded, you will be presented with a warning message, and will not be able to make full use of the PM system - including message delivery until you have deleted messages from your storage folders.

Sending Messages

To create a new message, click on the 'Create New' option on the left had side of the Inbox window. To reply to a particular message, simply click on the Reply option next to the PM you wish to reply to to bring up the message dialogue.

If you are composing a new message, either type the name of the recipient click on the "..." button to bring up a user search/selection dialogue where you can automatically populate the to field. Under the PM system you can only send a PM to one user at a time. Multi-user selection is not permitted.

Writing a new message is identical to creating a new message on the forum. Although the PM system does not have an Emoticon or Formatting selector, you can use any of the emoticon or formatting code in your message e.g. [b]text[/b] to make the text bold.

When you are ready to send the message, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Messages in the Outbox

Once you have clicked on the Submit Button, the message is moved into your Outbox. The message will remain in your Outbox until the recipient views the message. Once the recipient has picked up the message it will be automatically moved into your Sent Items folder.
Until this time, you will have the option to deleted (but not edit) any message in your Outbox. While this provides uses with the ability to change their mind, please be aware that if the recipient elects to receive e-mail notifications, these are dispatched as soon as the message is originally sent. There for if you delete the message, the recipient will be aware that you sent them a message.

Receiving e-mail notifications of new PM's

All registered forum users have the option of receiving notifications of new PM's via the e-mail address stored in their forum profile.
This is an optional feature of the forum, and can be enabled from the 'Your Settings' area of the control panel under the option "Receive e-mail notifications when someone sends you a private message?"

Technical Support over PM

The forums are designed to allow H/PC users to come together, discuss their devices, trouble shoot problems and generally share their interests. When dealing with technical support requests, the PM system is a good way of extending upon an issue that needs to be addressed privately, however HPC:Factor would like to make it clear that the PM system is not to be used as a substitute for the public bulletin board.
Any and all direct technical support requests received through the PM without an established necessity in a forum thread is to be discouraged. In line with our e-mail support policy, HPC:Factor staff will not provide one-on-one technical support to uses over PM. Each individual staff member reserves the right to ignore such requests at their discretion.

Please use the public forums to post your technical support requests. That way the entire community can benefit from the answers given to your problem, both now and in the future.

Does HPC:Factor automatically clear messages from the PM system?

Inbox and Outbox messages are not reviewed by the forum system, and will remain in the user account until you chose to delete them.

Messages in the Sent Items folder will be periodically cleared out by the forum manager.