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Contributing to the Hardware Compatibility List

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The Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) is created by and maintained by the HPC:Factor team, but there is a limit to the amount of information that we can provide ourselves. The HCL is the resource it is because of contributions from the Handheld PC user community; in other words, you, the very people who use the Handheld PC on a daily basis.

Can I contribute?

Currently any visitor to HPC:Factor is welcome to submit contributions to the Hardware Compatibility List, irrespective of whether they are a member of the HPC:Factor community.

How do I submit information to the HCL?

If you would like to contribute, please navigate to the Hardware Compatibility List submission form using the link provided below.

View: Hardware Compatibility List Submission Form

Should I submit everything that I own?

We of course prefer that you submit as much as possible to the HCL, however please do employ some logic in doing so. You might find that many of the devices that you own have already been submitted into the list by staff or other members. If this is so, and you have no additional information that you want to contribute to that listing, please save yourself the trouble and move on to the next device.

The search system on the HCL is easy to use and will help you discover whether your equipment is already listed just by entering a single keyword from the model name/number of the peripheral.

I don't see my Handheld PC listed, should I submit it?

No. Please do not submit the Handheld PC device itself to the submission system. The HCL is for accessories and peripherals only. HPC:Factor maintains a Devices & Specifications database, which is linked to the HCL.

View: Handheld PC Devices & Specifications

I don't see Pocket PC 2000, 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE, 5.0, 6.0 or SmartPhone listed, what should I do?

Sorry, HPC:Factor is a site dedicated to the Handheld PC and Windows CE Core operating system. We do not provide information or support for other device types, including the Pocket PC, SmartPhone, Windows Mobile or Windows Automotive.

Please do not submit compatibility information on these devices.

I have a device which does not fit into any of your categories, what should I do?

If you believe that you have a peripheral device that does not match any of the existing categories, please contact one of the site owners and submit your contribution directly, stating why you think the HCL needs a new category and what you think it should be. It doesn't have to be a long convincing statement, just a few words and we will let you know as soon as possible, and get your device listed.

Should I submit devices that work only with hacked Pocket PC drivers?

No. We do not feel that submitting devices into the HCL which require complicated driver hacks provides clear and easy to follow information for our novice users. If you would like to submit information on how to make a Pocket PC device work on a Handheld PC please contact an editor to discuss writing a CESD!
We will then consider the merits of the benefit of the device to the community, and may link the HCL listing to the CESD article at a future time.

Please Note: For the benefit of HCL listings, the definition of Hacked includes drivers which require Stub file support irrespective of whether any hex editing is required.

Should I submit devices that require a Generic H/PC Driver or a Reference Driver?

Yes. Please do send these in to us, and where possible highlight the generic driver/reference driver and driver names that you need to make the device work.

In addition, if other steps are required, please add these to the notes section of the submission form.

How do I know when my submission has be dealt with?

Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, you will not hear back from us to confirm the acceptance/refusal of your listing. The only time we may contact you is if a question has arisen over your submission or we need additional clarification on the hardware you are using.

We are always very grateful for any information that you send in, but it simply is not time efficient for us to make personal contact with everyone who submits content in to the site. Please keep an eye on the HCL for your listing to appear.

I submitted Hardware to the HCL, but I don't see it listed?

HCD (device) submissions are not automatically entered into the HCL when you click the Submit button on the submission form. This is mainly due to security, but also for legal reasons as with a service such as the HCL we are legally obligated to preserve listing standards for the benefit of HCL visitors.
Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, we cannot always guarantee to list or update devices immediately. We do aim to have all entries recorded and either accepted or rejected for inclusion within 14 days (though it is usually done within 48 hours).

You should also be aware that HPC:Factor reserves the right to reject HCD submissions.
The main reason for us doing this is either because they are not relevant to the HCL, not enough information has been provided to allow us to safely enter the device, or, as is most often the case. The peripheral is already in the HCL!
Unfortunately at this time we are unable inform individual users as to the status of their submission.

I submitted to the HCL, but I don't see my name?

We receive hundreds of submissions from users detailing compatibility information, having to physically present credit information would not be a constructive use of screen space on the HCL, as a result we are unable to publish user credit for submissions. This policy applies to the HPC:Factor Team as well as our visitors.

Ultimately the HCL is the resource it is thanks to research contributions from the community itself. We are always eternally grateful to the community for sending in their compatibility information and helping us to build the HCL from day to day, making it a resource even the Pocket PC community is envious of.

Who can make changes to the HCL?

Only HPC:Factor Senior Editors can make changes to the HCL database. At this time the writing, technical, support and moderation teams do not have access to the HCL administration system.

Edits to the HCL system based upon user submission are performed by the Senior Editors group. Any user of HPC:Factor, irrespective of their registration state can submit recommendation for edits to the HCL using the submission form. Only HPC:Factor staff have the right to request direct changes to the content of the HCL, all other users will be directed to the submission form and all received information will be considered on a one to one basis.

At no stage in the submissions process are users making adjustments to the HCL database.