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Hardware Compatibility List FAQ

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The Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) is one of the community resources that we are most proud of.

For four years, the HCL has provided Handheld PC users with compatibility and support information for an ever expanding range of different peripheral devices. Listed below are some of the common questions we are asked regarding the HCL and its procedures.

How does the HCL work?

When the HCL was launched, it contained compatibility for H/PC 1.0 and 2.0 devices only, and contained only 20 devices. The HCL was HPC:Factor's first fully automated resource, and as well as celebrating its fourth birthday in 2005, has been upgraded to provide more detail on useful information. Today the HCL provides compatibility information on all H/PC device, 1.0 through to CE 7.0.

The HCL is part of the HPC:Factor central database system, it makes use of resources taken from our manufactures list and dynamically creates hardware device lists or HCD's. These HCD's are then flagged in the database as being compatible, incompatible, having partial compatibility or unknown compatibility. This information is presented to the user when they view the HCL.
When you submit information to the HCL, the new HCD record is sent to a central account which is monitored by the site owners. A decision is then made on the accuracy of the submission and on its inclusion.

How do I use the HCL?

The HCL is designed to be as simple as possible to navigate. There are two data views on the HCL itself. The standard threaded mode, where devices are presented with clear check marks as to their compatibility, and the Flat mode, where note information is displayed to the user side by side with the next device.
When you first access the HCL, you will be presented with the index page, on here is a overview diagram outlining the main navigation points on the HCL's threaded mode, we recommend you spend a few moments studying this so that you are familiar with the note and download locations.

How do I submit hardware, additions or corrections to the HCL?

We provide a submission form that any user can make use of to send in submissions, additions or corrections. For more information on contributing to the HCL please click here.

I submitted Hardware to the HCL, but I don't see it listed?

Firstly, thank-you for taking time to submit to the HCL.

HCD (device) submissions are not automatically entered into the HCL when you click the Submit button on the submission form. This is mainly due to security, but also for legal reasons as with a service such as the HCL we are legally obligated to preserve listing standards for the benefit of HCL visitors.
Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, we cannot always guarantee to list or update devices immediately. We do aim to have all entries recorded and either accepted or rejected for inclusion within 14 days (though it is usually done within 48 hours).

You should also be aware that HPC:Factor reserves the right to reject HCD submissions.
The main reason for us doing this is either because they are not relevant to the HCL, not enough information has been provided to allow us to safely enter the device, or, as is most often the case. The peripheral is already in the HCL!
Unfortunately at this time we are unable inform individual users as to the status of their submission.

I submitted my H/PC device to the HCL, but I don't see it listed?

The HCL is designed to store information on peripheral devices only. Actual Handheld PC devices are not stored within the HCL, neither are particular devices linked to particular peripherals generally speaking.
The HCL is sorted based on Operating System, if you are unsure of your operating system, or, are looking for information on H/PC devices in general, please see the Handheld PC Device Listing.

I submitted to the HCL, but I don't see my name?

We receive hundreds of submissions from users detailing compatibility information, having to physically present credit information would not be a constructive use of screen space on the HCL, as a result we are unable to publish user credit for submissions. This policy applies to the HPC:Factor Team as well as our visitors.

Ultimately the HCL is the resource it is thanks to research contributions from the community itself. We are always eternally grateful to the community for sending in their compatibility information and helping us to build the HCL from day to day, making it a resource even the Pocket PC community is envious of.

Who can make changes to the HCL?

Only HPC:Factor Senior Editors can make changes to the HCL database. At this time the writing, technical, support and moderation teams do not have access to the HCL administration system.

Edits to the HCL system based upon user submission are performed by the Senior Editors group. Any user of HPC:Factor, irrespective of their registration state can submit recommendation for edits to the HCL using the submission form. Only HPC:Factor staff have the right to request direct changes to the content of the HCL, all other users will be directed to the submission form and all received information will be considered on a one to one basis.

At no stage in the submissions process are users making adjustments to the HCL database.

Why can't I link to the HCL from my site/post?

The HCL is a protected asset, as a result we require all persons using the HCL to have acknowledged and agreed to the HCL Terms of Use. This means that you will be unable to link into the HCL externally of HPC:Factor, and internally for any user who does not hold EULA acceptance in their active site visitors session. For more information on our linking policy please see Linking to HPC:Factor here in the help section.