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Closing Your Account (Account Deletion)

Under the rules of the Data Protection Act 1984 (rev 1998) and the GDPR (2016) it is your right to request the removal of personally identifiable information from our digital systems. This page outlines the process and policies for doing this.


Can I request that my account be deleted?

It is your right as a HPC:Factor forum member to request the deletion of your account from the site, along with your contact details.

If you wish to close and delete your account, you can do so yourself in the Your Settings section of the Forums.

HPC:Factor will honour all legitimate requests for termination of a user account provided:

  1. We receive the request from the registered email address associated with the account
  2. The user provides us with the password associated with the user account as proof that the account is their own
  3. The user understands that the account deletion process is irreversible, and in order to make continued use of the HPC:Factor forums system and/or registered site services the user will need to re-register

How do I request my account be deleted?

Unless you have specific requirements. Please use the "Your Settings" section of the forum to self-service delete your account. If you have questions or require something more specific. Please contact the webmaster by email via the contacts page below. You will be required to contact us from your registered email address and provide us with your account password as proof that you are the account holder.

Please Note: The deletion process cannot be undone.

View: Contacts Page

What will/will not be deleted?

When we delete your account the following information is affected:


  • Your username is deleted, unlocking it for user by other new members
  • Your contact information is deleted from the system, including your e-mail information and location data
  • All site and forum settings, including information held in our system to personally identify you to our servers
  • Private messages are deleted
  • Sent Private Messages are deleted
  • Moderator alerts made by your account

Not Deleted

  • Forum Posts (Posts are converted to an unregistered anonymous state)
  • Forum attachments
  • Private Messages that have already be received by another user
  • Comments made to Front Page News Posts
  • Hardware Compatibility List submissions
  • Hardware Compatibility List votes and feedback
  • The results of site Polls & surveys
  • The footprint of your user account in HPC:Factor's logs
  • Your information stored within our periodic backup sets

I want all of my forum posts deleted

Due to the nature of web forums, and the requirements on the structure afforded by linear thread orders, HPC:Factor is not able or willing to accommodate requests to delete all of the posts made to the site associated to a particular user - as outlined in the terms & conditions which you agreed to during registration.

Posts made to the HPC:Factor forums are considered to be public domain material, and in the interests of our visitors we reserve the right to maintain the consistency of the digital services offered on the site.

If there are specific threads that a particular user has issue with, please contact an administrator to discuss requirements for removing the content from the site.

Please be aware that in the event an administrator agrees to remove a specific post from live board, HPC:Factor will NOT undertake similar actions to remove the same post from our backup archives. These will be naturally expunged naturally over a period of months.

I want my contributions to other HPC:Factor systems to be removed

Again, as with forum posts, we believe that deleting the contributions of a user to the site is not acceptable towards maintaining a consistent service for our users. Requests to blanket delete material from HPC:Factor may also be seen as vindictive in nature and therefore will not be adhered to.

When joining this community you signed up into an open and peer accountable group of users who have all likewise followed and been expected to adhere to the the same rules and procedures. We will not therefore follow through with any such requests.

If however there are a small number of individual instances of content that you have issue with, we may attempt to accommodate you through editing or deletion of that material if we feel that there is good reason to follow through with the request. Please contact the HPC:Factor webmaster to discuss any requests for material editing or deletion with the termination of your account.

Please be aware that in the event an administrator agrees to remove a specific post from live board, HPC:Factor will NOT undertake similar actions to remove the same post from our backup archives. These will be naturally expunged naturally over a period of months.

I've changed my mind, I want my account undeleted

Sorry, if your account has already been deleted then it is policy not to engage in restore operations under any circumstances. Although it is possible to do, as a matter of principle once you have made the request to delete the account and a member of our team has fulfilled the request our contract with you as a member of our community is severed.

You are welcome to register a new account with us, however your post count will restart from 0 and any information that you once had with us will be unavailable to you.

I have a question related to my data not answered here

If you have a question relating to your information stored by HPC:Factor, our data storage, polices or processes. Please contact the HPC:Factor Webmaster.

Please Note: In order to answer questions relating to personal data, you must contact us via the email address against which your hpcfactor.com account is registered. We are unable to answer questions relating to personal data unless you can prove your identity.

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