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Support with the HPC:Factor Registration E-Mail Verification System

Before you can make use of some of the services offered by HPC:Factor, you must register with us and sign-in using your web browser.


What is E-Mail Verification?

The E-Mail verification system is part of our on-going efforts to combat the problem of SPAM. The E-Mail verification system slows down automated and manual SPAM, and in many cases eliminates it due to the level of sophistication of the SPAM attack.

HPC:Factor implemented E-Mail verification on 23rd May 2008 for all users and is designed to protect both you and the Handheld PC Community forums from having to view often inappropriate, upsetting and generally offensive material on our boards. E-Mail verification also helps to ensure the following:

  • That you can - should you choose to - receive Forum Private Message (PM) notifications
  • That you can - should you choose to - receive Forum Subscription (Thread Replies & New Posts) notifications
  • That you are able to reset your Forum Password should you ever lose it.

E-Mail verification works by generating an entirely random code called a key, which is automatically e-mailed to you by our servers as part of a hyperlink which the e-mail message will ask you to click. As it is not possible to guess the key, by clicking on the link you will be informing our server that you a) are you you say you are and b) have provided a valid e-mail address to the Handheld PC Community Forums.

We request that you go through e-mail validation when you:

  1. Register with us for the first time
  2. Change your E-Mail address in your Forum profile

This way, we can attempt to ensure that everyone on the forums is treated in the same way and is able to receive the same level of service from us.

I do not want to verify my e-mail, can I get around this?

No. Unfortunately this is now a required exercise for all forum members. All members - and staff - will be treated the same in this regard and be expected to validate their e-mail address before being able to log-on to the HPC:Factor site.

Please be assured that this is an anti-SPAM measure to protect our users from having to experience often upsetting and generally frustrating SPAM messages. Our privacy policy stands in our philosophy surrounding the verification system, and as such your information will never be disclosed to a third party, made available publicly, sold or distributed outside of HPC:Factor in any form.

I did not receive an automatic Verification E-Mail

If you did not receive the automated e-mail when you registered, please use the Verification E-Mail Request Form to request that the e-mail be sent again by our servers.

Please remember to check your junk-mail folders for the message as some systems may interpret the verification message as SPAM.

View: Verification E-Mail Request Form

I registered before 23/05/2008 and I cannot receive the E-Mail verification message

If you registered before 23rd May 2008, and have entered a null, fake or have an out of date e-mail address stored in your profile then you will not be able to request the e-mail verification message from the system.

If you know your username, password and the existing e-mail address associated with your profile you can use the account reset form to change and validate your new e-mail address.

View: E-Mail Account Reset Form

The e-mail address in my profile is no-longer valid and I cannot remember my password, what should I do?

If you do not know your password then you must contact the HPC:Factor webmaster to discuss resetting your account.

View: Contact HPC:Factor