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Copyright DMCA & EUCD Requests

If for some unlikely reason you find something published on hpcfactor.com that you believe represents an genuine infringement of copyright. Please know that we take the matter very seriously. Please also understand that we also take fraudulent and duplicitous requests targeted towards the site, our staff and our community just as seriously.

For the benefit of everyone involved, please take a few moment to look over our policy for dealing with such matters before getting in touch.

Before you resort to finding & filling in a DMCA Takedown template

Pleases just get in touch with us regarding your issue. Contact a member of staff via PM or email the HPC:Factor Webmaster with a normal "human being" request. Let us know what the issue is for you and why there is a problem without resorting to legalease threats. We commit to working with you to get the matter sorted out quickly.

This is what you are supposed to do before issuing a DMCA Takedown request.

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I have a DMCA Takedown request. Where do I send it?

Before you send a downloaded DMCA template to us please understand the following:

hpcfactor.com is a UK non-commercial private website subject to - and only to - the laws of the United Kingdom under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

United States law and the DMCA do not apply here. Under UK law the DMCA act does not have a equivalent provision. We cannot be compelled to act as a consequence of a DMCA request.

It is therefore in everyone's best interest and expedience that you contact us with your concern without resorting to legal threats that have no significance or bearing.

In the interests of protecting the fair and truthful rights of copyright holders, hpcfactor.com commits to strive to ensure that all duly notified matters relating to copyright - outside of the bounds of established fair use - are taken seriously.

We commit to act appropriately and fairly in all legitimate matters. All notices provided to us will be dealt with in accordance with the law of England and Wales. Requesters should note that under section 35 of the UK Data Protection Act of 1998, we cannot provide any additional information on the identity of any individual alleged to be involved in any matter unless presented with a certified UK court order.

Sending a DMCA request to hpcfactor.com

If you are unable to contact us informally over your copyright matter in private correspondence please ensure the following

  1. That the request has the name and full contact information for the copyright holder

  2. If you are acting as a representative for a copyright holder, that the request holds your full name, position, company name and contact information as a duly authorised representative of the copyright holder

  3. You understand that hpcfactor.com will publish the DMCA Takedown request in full and in the public domain along with our response on the matter for the benefit of our user community. This is designed to ensure transparency and act as a visible sign to our user community that we take matters of copyright seriously

Once you have ensured that your request has complied with the above, please email your request to the HPC:Factor Webmaster

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