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Accessing AOL on your Handheld PC

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Posted 20 years ago | News | Chris Tilley 0 comments

Users of AOL have had a rather rough time with regards to services on the H/PC. While there have been AOL clients, their reliability has been poor, and if your a MIPS or SH3/SH4 user the situation worsens.
AOL recently implemented the IMAP protocol on their mail system. Allowing users the option of accessing e-mail from a permanent store on the mail server - rather than simply download it as with POP.

Donna, HPC:Factor regular and devoted Intermec 6651 user contacted us last night to report that while there seems to be problems in accessing the new IMAP service via Pocket Outlook: Inbox, Pocket Internet Explorer has come to the rescue.

e-mail proxy service 'mail2web' allows you to connect to IMAP4 mail services - you will need to register in order to access the IMAP service through the Advanced Log-in.
When asked for the server address simply select IMAP and enter: imap.aol.com as the server address. Enter your AOL details as normal.
You should now be able to access your AOL mail using Pocket IE (Confirmed on version PIE4)

Thanks Donna

View: mail2web
Posted on 26 April 2004 at 00:00By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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