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'The Handheld PC Newsletter' arrives

Handheld PC News

Posted 19 years ago | News | Chris Tilley 0 comments

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With thanks to Rich Hawley on the forums
New York State based company yourmobiledesk.com are listing the immediate availability of a ROM upgrade for NEC MobilePro 900 (HPC2000) users which will allow them to upgrade the FlashROM in their Handheld PC to the Windows CE 4.2 .net build of the MobilePro 900C.

The software update, which will overwrite the HPC2000 build in the MobilePro 900 FlashROM comes on a CD complete with manual. Little else in the way of details are available at this time, including information on whether it will be possible to reverse the process through a HPC2000 Flash image, or on any bundled applications or features over that of the 900C's Operating System.

The upgrade costs $148.95 USD (£78.40 GBP, €112.15 EUD, ¥15680 JPY est.) with international shipping appearing as an option to users outside of the United States.

HPC:Factor strongly urges all HPC2000 based MobilePro 900 users to ensure they understand the features they will loose in upgrading to Windows CE 4.2 .net, including but not limited to Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook (except Inbox). Please Many years ago there was a publication in print called Handheld PC Magazine. After several years they changed their name to the perhaps familiar Pocket PC Magazine and have since predominantly focused on Pocket PC's.
Now, at the beginning of 2005. The Handheld PC once again has something to fill the publication void. John Ottini's "The Handheld PC Newsletter".

Community devotee, HPC:Factor reviewer and all round NEC MobilePro guru has started up a bimonthly web distributed Newsletter. The free publication contains news, reviews and tips on using your device in daily life. With a community centric - strictly no Pocket PC ethos we hope that all Handheld PC users will go and download the newsletter from its distribution point over on HPCNEC.com.

HPC2000 users can download Adobe Acrobat Reader 1.0 from us here on HPC:Factor to view The Handheld PC Newsletter on-device. Users of other Windows CE devices may be interested in Ansyr Primer.make use of the forums if you have any questions.

View: The H/PC Newsletter
Posted on 05 February 2005 at 00:00By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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