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WinCESoft.de release GAPI 3.02 for H/PCs

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Posted 19 years ago | News | Chris Tilley 0 comments

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When Microsoft started to look towards exploiting the DirectX subset that it had built into the Windows CE 3.0 core, must of that functionality was left untapped on all devices but the Pocket PC. That was, until WinCESoft stepped in to fill the void and bring the Windows CE 3.0 GX library to the Handheld PC.
  • Support for 12 new devices added:

    -Zupera Smartbook 7c

    -Book Digital Smartbook G138

    -Amoi E8

    -Vodafone Power Handheld, CE 4.10

    -Viewsonic Viewpad, CE 4.10, 24bit

    -Audiovox Thera

    -Medion MD 96800, CE 4.20

    -Siemens SIMpad CL4

    -Advantech MPC-100, CE 3.00, 16bit & 24bit

    -Moby F220, CE 4.00

    -Navigon PNA Transonic 4000 (ADAC)

    -Brainium Wibook

  • GAPI for HPC’s is now GapiDraw compatible

  • Support for rotated displays (Nyditot Virtual Display
    is required for some devices)

  • GAPI- Plasma demo added

  • GAPI- Voxel demo supports now also rotated displays

  • Some Pocket PC- specific DLL’s are now included

GAPI is available for Handheld PC's running Windows CE 3.00 or higher using an ARM or StrongARM/XScale processor and is available for free directly from WinCESoft.

View: WinCESoft.de
Posted on 26 December 2005 at 01:19By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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