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SoftMaker Releases Office 2006 for Handheld PCs

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Posted 17 years ago | News | Clinton Fitch 0 comments

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Today SoftMaker has announced the release of Office 2006 for Windows CE. This new office suite included their award winning spreadsheet application PlanMaker 2006 and their word processing application TextMaker 2006.

The changes in both of these applications are significant with a vast improvement in speed, document filters and a fresh, new GUI.

Below is the official Press Release received by HPC:Factor:

SoftMaker are proud to announce the launch of their new office suite SoftMaker Office 2006 for Windows CE. This is not any old office suite - it is destined to revolutionize the way we work with mobile devices, as it provides full Microsoft Office compatibility on the road.

SoftMaker Office 2006 for Windows CE is designed to make a Handheld PC function as well as a desktop computer - a feat which anyone who has tried to transfer documents from the latter to the former can appreciate. It blows the basic Pocket Excel and Word programs available on Handheld PCs out of the water.

Pocket Word and Excel only support a very limited set of features and functions, with any formatting, graphics, or charts it does not recognize being promptly deleted. This renders an individual unable to work on important Office documents with their Handheld PC.

SoftMaker Office to the rescue! Unlike Pocket Word and Pocket Excel, SoftMaker Office 2006 has fully functional programs that ensure the transfer is seamless. TextMaker is fully compatible with Word, as PlanMaker is fully compatible with Excel. The features of both SoftMaker programs go over and above what any regular user would need, but they are there to provide the utmost in compatibility with the Microsoft Office file formats.

Fast and reliable, both SoftMaker programs provide the cutting-edge of technology to make your work on mobile computers easier. For example, TextMaker features a multi-language spell checker, AutoText, sophisticated table and outlining functions and more; whilst PlanMaker has more than 320 calculation functions, named ranges, input validation, forms creation, full support of Microsoft's AutoShapes and a powerful charting engine which can read and create all 70 chart types of Excel.

SoftMaker Office can make your life easier at a very affordable price. It costs just US$ 69.95/EUR 69.95 to equip your Handheld PC with the latest software.

If you want an office suite on your mobile device that functions just like the one on your desktop PC, look no further. SoftMaker Office 2006 for Windows CE is the right choice.

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Posted on 23 February 2007 at 20:43By Clinton Fitch (clintonfitchdotcom)

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