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Posted 16 years ago | Community | Chris Tilley 12 comments

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Let's hear it! Which operating system do you use the most when you are synchronising / communicating with your Handheld PC?

If you synchronise with many systems, please specify the one that you find yourself using the most; if you use a Virtual Machine, please state the Virtualised Operating System and not the host one.

Some of you may think that we could likely predict the results of this poll! We are fairly hopeful that we can as well, but in a legacy community, anything can happen! So don't be shy, let us know what you use, and if you would like to tell us why you should be using any given platform, please by all mean share your thoughts with us in the comments!
Posted on 13 March 2008 at 16:23By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 14 March 2008 2:35:26 AM
Since the poll only allows one choice, I went with XP, but there is one small exception: I have Handheld PC Explorer on a separate PC running Windows 98SE to communicate with my Casio A-10.
chiark's Avatar chiark 14 March 2008 4:30:11 AM
Missing Sync for Mac? ;-)
nicmalone's Avatar nicmalone 14 March 2008 1:07:13 PM
Yes, I'm sure there's a few folk with a HPC who'd love to use Missing Sync to sync it with their Macs but Mark/Space won't do the minimal amount of code tinkering to produce a HPC version. :-(

Actually, there is a work around for calendar events using a combination of GSync for Outlook on your PC and Spanning Sync on the Mac. Both apps sync calendar data with the online Google Calendar. So events from Apple iCal sync with Outlook on the PC (and therefore a Handheld PC via ActiveSync), via Google Calendar online. Both apps can be setup to sync automatically at preset intervals.
Jake's Avatar Jake 15 March 2008 7:55:04 AM
I chose XP b/c that's on my main laptop, but I also sync with 95B and 98FE on other respective laptops, both running Schedule+ 7.0a and AS 3.1. How's that for retro? :)

rbsfou's Avatar rbsfou 16 March 2008 4:49:37 PM
Shame you didn't choose 95 to even up the results - so far, i think i'm the only one using Win2k :(
rbsfou's Avatar rbsfou 16 March 2008 4:48:08 PM
Windows 2000 - i've got a Toshiba Tecra 8100 with a legal 2000 COA label i want to use for business purposes (hence needing it to be legal). It'll still be security-fixed until mid 2010, and is handy to have for IE6 when coding websites. Thanks to finding another Toshiba's copy of setupp.ini, i was able to install using the COA code on the laptop, so it is well and truly legal :) I would also use the mac if it weren't for the lack of sync software (and i still haven't got round to trying out SynCE) :(
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 16 March 2008 6:45:54 PM
Nothing wrong with Windows 2000 - wish I had it on my Libretto instead of 98SE. (98SE is not bad, but something a shade more recent and more stable would be nice.)
gjcoram's Avatar gjcoram 17 March 2008 4:39:11 AM
I don't sync any more (I used to use a Win98 box, but it's mostly decommissioned now); I copy stuff to a compact flash card.
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 17 March 2008 4:59:06 AM
I think that still counts. After all, you have to have another source to get the files from that you put on the CF card.

For the most part I do the same (as do many others here, I'm sure); however, I still need a sync connection for restoring in case of a hard reset, for those devices that don't have a backup program on them. (And I still sync PIM data with Outlook. That's another thing that makes a newish OS preferable - to run a newer version of Outlook.)
michelbel's Avatar michelbel 18 March 2008 1:06:33 PM
Mine is sneakernet too on a CF card, except if an installer insists on a live Activesync, then I use XP (sparingly, but Softmaker requires it a.o)
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 17 March 2008 6:17:09 PM
When I first came into CE, I didn't use a corporate grade PIM solution, in fact I didn't really use a PIM solution. I had a dedicated NT 4.0 box, a 486, for the purpose with Outlook 98 and then 2000 installed on it.

I eventually bit the bullet and migrated to Outlook 2000 for my email, and here I am with 2007 now. I voted for XP, because I've decided that having now formed a usage based opinion (rather than simply my previous white paper technical based opinion), I utterly dispise Vista.

Yes I purchased it (Ultimate), yes I purchsed various hardware upgrades to use it... XP here I be.
greg_graham's Avatar greg_graham 01 April 2008 9:50:29 PM
For a PDA to be a business tool (as oposed to a personal device), I think that the ability to synch is a must. This means not only PIM data, but files as well.

I'm pleased that HP included USB in the cradles. RS-232 devices are not just slow, but you either need an older PC to have an RS-232 port or have to use a converter. I've seen postings about converters not working too well.

After using Palm Desktop for a few years, which was very reliable, I was expecting to be unimpressed with ActiveSync. Fortunately, I was wrong -- ActiveSync 3.8 works just fine with XP!
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