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<!DOCTYPE div [<!ENTITY Aacute '&#193;'><!ENTITY aring '&#229;'><!ENTITY copy '&#169;'><!ENTITY curren '&#164;'><!ENTITY deg '&#176;'><!ENTITY divide '&#247;'><!ENTITY eacute '&#233;'><!ENTITY Eacute '&#201;'><!ENTITY Egrave '&#232;'><!ENTITY ETH '&#208;'><!ENTITY euro '&#8364;'><!ENTITY frac12 '&#189;'><!ENTITY frac34 '&#190;'><!ENTITY hellip '&#8230;'><!ENTITY laquo '&#171;'><!ENTITY ldquo '&#8220;'><!ENTITY lsquo '&#8216;'><!ENTITY micro '&#181;'><!ENTITY middot '&#183;'><!ENTITY nbsp '&#160;'><!ENTITY ndash '&#8211;'><!ENTITY plusmn '&#177;'><!ENTITY pound '&#163;'><!ENTITY raquo '&#187;'><!ENTITY rdquo '&#8221;'><!ENTITY reg '&#174;'><!ENTITY rsquo '&#8217;'><!ENTITY sect '&#167;'><!ENTITY times '&#215;'><!ENTITY trade '&#8482;'><!ENTITY yen '&#165;'>]><div>We are constantly striving to make the user experience better here on the Handheld PC Community Forums, and in our latest effort to provide you with a better service and a SPAM free environment we have made the decision to write and install e-mail address verification on the member management system. This verification is designed to ensure that forum members are who they say they are, while reducing the attack surface for automated spider attacks and significantly reducing the temptation for some of the more worrying manual SPAM attacks that we have seen on the forums in recent months. The system is not designed to harvest information, neither is it going to be used as a part of any mailing list strategy - we simply want to clean up the community. To this end, the new system has effectively disabled all user accounts in the server farm until you have validated your e-mail address with us. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the introduction of this new facility. <B>Please be on the lookout for an email message with a subject line containing <I>"HPC:Factor Handheld PC Community Forums: Verify your E-Mail"</I> which ironically for many of you may inadvertently fall into your junk-mail folder.</B> In this e-mail there will be a custom unlock key for your account, which will re-activate your profile and allow you to log-in as normal. For more information on the Validation system, for instructions on what to do if you do not receive the e-mail or if you know that you will not be able to receive the e-mail click the link below to access the site help & support. <strong>View:</strong> <a href="/info/help/forums/emailverification/">E-Mail Address Verification</a></div>